I'll be there in a second (literally!)

I just had two customer service situations that shocked the hell out of me.

And they’re both positive.

And they involve the phone company and the cable company.

Are you as shocked as I? Wait, it gets better.

First, as I may have mentioned in a previous post, on Monday, Comcast came to install my new Digital Video Recorder. I asked them to try to schedule it early because I had to get to work. And at 9:30 AM my doorbell rang. Perfect timing.

The installation went fine and within an hour I was playing with my new DVR. Pausing live TV. Setting shows to record. Oprah at 8:00 at night. I love this thing!

So I went to work, full of anticipation for all the shows I could watch when I got home.

But when I got home, I discovered that the cable wasn’t working anymore. It had recorded a few shows, but it quit after around 6:00 and the connection was dead.

A message on my phone said that there was a service disruption in my area, and they would try to restore it as soon as possible. Thank you very much for the notice. At least now I know what’s going on.

I waited through Tuesday to see if it would return, but alas, no luck. So I called Comcast this morning and told them of my situation… they told me the outage in my area that knocked everyone’s service offline had to be manually reset by a service person, and someone could be out to restore my service the next morning. So hopefully by tomorrow morning, things will be back to normal. And she credited my account for the three days I lost.. .which was nice.

So although there was a blip in the service, they were quick, courteous, and responded immediately. I am impressed, Comcast. Thank you. I pay you enough, after all!

At the same time I was on the phone with Comcast, I finally got fed up with the ridiculous amount of static that was on my phone line.

I had been noticing this problem for the last week or so, but it was fairly intermittent, so I figured it was just a temporary problem. But within the last few days, it was steadily getting worse, and more constant.

So I went to SBC’s website and filled out a problem log, stating that there was noise on my line, and sent it off, fully expecting to hear back from them in 2 years a day or two.

Lo and behold, my phone rang within TEN MINUTES of sending the request.

“Hi sir, this is Ralph with SBC… I’m in your neighborhood and will be there in about 5 minutes to check on your problem.”

I was shocked. FIFTEEN MINUTES after sending my request, there was a service man in my apartment checking my line.

TWENTY-FIVE MINUTES after sending my request, he was in my basement, determining the problem.

THIRTY MINUTES after sending my request, he determined that he could solve it without going back into my apartment, so I left for work.

And FORTY MINUTES after sending my request, I got a phone call on my cell phone from the service man telling me that he had fixed the problem and everything was fine.

Now that, my friends, is damn good service.

And to think that five years ago, I was screaming at Ameritech because I had just moved into my apartment and taken the day off waiting for a service person to show up and he never showed.

Funny what a little competition does to one’s customer service level, ain’t it?