A late night chat (with some Tuna on the side)

tunagirlblogger : So, Rick. Do you ever sleep?

rcktmanil: Yes I do!!! I swear!

rcktmanil: I am doing laundry.. I’m going away for the weekend tomorrow

tunagirlblogger : Oh cool. where are you going?

rcktmanil: Madison, WI… whoo hoo.. lol

tunagirlblogger : LOL Why? I mean, you have a right to go wherever you want, but WI????

rcktmanil: Hehe.. well it’s for this Marketing organization for college kids… I was a member when I was in college and now I volunteer for it every year…

tunagirlblogger : Oh. That’s cool. I was a marketing major.

rcktmanil: They do things like ad campaigns and sales promotion plans and stuff and present them in front of judges (me)…

rcktmanil: Were you in DECA?

tunagirlblogger : NO. But I remember it.

rcktmanil: That’s what this is… it’s the college version of DECA

tunagirlblogger : Aren’t you the civic minded one. So ask me why I’m up so late?

rcktmanil: Why are you up late, Karen?

tunagirlblogger : Why thank you for asking, Rick. I am up late because I’ve decided to fit two months worth of cleaning into one night, because I suddenly realized that Patrick is going to be IN MY HOUSE.

rcktmanil: ROFL!

rcktmanil: Yeah… I have done that before… lol

tunagirlblogger : Uh oh. I just realized that he’ll be in my car too. FUCK!

rcktmanil: Suddenly you realize.. holy SHIT… I’m going to have GUESTS… and this place is a STY!

tunagirlblogger : Yup…and I have no clean underwear, and the kids keeping peeing on the seat, and…

rcktmanil: Haha!!!!

rcktmanil: You poor thing

rcktmanil: I am doing laundry, I’d do some for you if I could….

tunagirlblogger : I’m doing laundry too. I have at least two loads left.

rcktmanil: I’m just waiting for my last ones to dry

tunagirlblogger : And yes. I am a POOR thing. At least someone feels for me.

rcktmanil: I do feel for you… When does Patrick get in?

tunagirlblogger : Tomorrow at 5:15 p.m. I’m so excited.

rcktmanil: That is so cool!!! I’m jealous

rcktmanil: I’m jealous of BOTH of you. hehe

tunagirlblogger : LOL Well, thanks. Mostly he’ll be tagging along with me on all of my mom stuff, soccer games, birthday parties. But I got a sitter for Friday night. I can’t wait to be out of the hosue after dark!!!

rcktmanil: Oh that should be … interesting… Patrick with your little ones? Hmmm… HMMMM….

tunagirlblogger : LOL Pua said the same thing! He’s actually very sweet and shy in person.

rcktmanil: I actually could tell that… We all have much more outgoing personas online… I am a lot the same way in real life… kind of reserved… occasionally crazy.

tunagirlblogger : He He! i am EXACTLY like I am on the blog…over-sexed and potty-mouthed.

rcktmanil: That’s so good to know!!! LOL… Oh I can be potty mouthed too… I grew up with my father… I learned all I needed to know.

tunagirlblogger : Ooh. there was NO SWEARING in my house. That’s probably why I do it on the blog now.

rcktmanil: Probably.. supressed those desires to just spew forth with swear words!

rcktmanil: I loved your post today by the way..

tunagirlblogger : Supressed a lot of desires actually.

tunagirlblogger : THANKS! I loved your comment.

rcktmanil: Hee hee

tunagirlblogger : LOL. I should probably run and start another load. You should call this weekend. On Saturday night we’ll just be sitting around watching porn.

rcktmanil: I think some nearly-naked men will be making an appearance to RcktRamblings soon… I need some hits.

tunagirlblogger : HA. I didn’t get any extra hits.

rcktmanil: I will!!! I may need a pick-me-up while in Madison.. tends to get boring sometimes.

tunagirlblogger : I can imagine.

rcktmanil: Yeah I didn’t either when I did that whole thing the other day (all the body parts and such)

tunagirlblogger : Body parts??? How did I miss that?

rcktmanil: Hehe… I typed some inane stuff and put (Penis) words in strategic (ass) places throughout the (oral sex) post.

rcktmanil: I think I got one comment… lol (I actually got ten… but who’s counting-RA)

tunagirlblogger : Oh yeah! I remember that. Well, speaking (penis) of ass (ass) I gotta get off mine (ass sex) and get to work (pussy).

rcktmanil: …..

tunagirlblogger : Are you at a loss for words?

rcktmanil: Yeah me too… I have to (blowjob) check my (labia) laundry and see if it’s (fucking) done yet (cumrag).

tunagirlblogger : Labia???? LOL

rcktmanil: LOL… oh my friends are OBSESSED with labias

rcktmanil: It’s so weird

tunagirlblogger : Yeah. Okay…night night sweetheart. I’ll talk to you this weekend.

rcktmanil: OK!! Call me too… I’ll have my cell with me

tunagirlblogger : Okay. Later….

rcktmanil: Give my (big thick c
ock) love to Patrick

tunagirlblogger : ROFL> Yes DEAR!

rcktmanil: LOL

rcktmanil: OK… good night Tuna Girl

tunagirlblogger : Good night Rocket man.