Forbidden Romance

He was her paramour. She was his first love. They were young… too young to marry, yet old enough to know that the attraction was real.

They met as seniors in high school. They were sweethearts; the kind that you see in romance novels and weepy chick flicks. Yet the time just wasn’t right for them. They went their separate ways shortly after graduation, and she met another man who eventually won her heart.

He wasn’t so fortunate… not so soon. And he still pined for her, even though she belonged to another.

Fifty-something years prior to today, she remembered him telling her that he would do anything for her. He would even wait for her, just in case.

Just in case. The chances of just in case happening were slim. But he took that chance, and waited. For twenty years.

She married her new love, and raised a family.

Finally letting her go, he met another and married as well. Yet they remained close friends; their bond never dying.

When her husband passed away, he remained diligently by her side, while still remaining true to his wife. He supported her in her pain, helped her when she needed a hand, and continued the bond that had begun so many years before.

As he approached the eve of his life, he drew close once again to the one he always loved.

And he felt younger than ever before; as if the close of his life allowed him to profess the love he always had for her.

And when his soul left this world, her world suddenly became darker.

For she realized that she truly loved this man, and now he was gone.

Was this a missed opportunity? Or was it the realization of true love that always existed?

For her it was both, and while she wouldn’t have had it any other way…

Now, she is truly alone. Alone with memories. Alone with time.

But alone with the love of two spirits in her heart.