Who the hell am I?

Inspired by Wayne and Riye

Choose a band/artist and answer only in song TITLES by that band: Elton John (of course!)

Are you male or female: Rocket Man

Describe yourself: I’m Still Standing

How do some people feel about you: Mellow

How do you feel about yourself: Madman Across the Water

Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend: The Bitch Is Back

Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend: I Want Love

Describe where you want to be: This Train Don’t Stop There Anymore

Describe what you want to be: The One

Describe how you live: Sacrifice

Describe how you love: Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

Share a few words of wisdom: I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues

Telling, ain’t it?

And while I’m at it…
Happy Birthday wishes to Aaron’s Mom, Sandy! You have a lovely and talented son… and while I think you know that already, it’s always good to hear it from time to time. I can honestly say that I’m proud to count him as one of my friends that I have made in the “blogosphere.”