Porn, Cookies, Project Runway, And Thou…

My life this week has consisted of the aforementioned items and not much else. Let’s see how it all fits together, shall we?

Porn: I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to burn porn onto DVD’s from my computer. For some reason every time I try to encode the DVD’s they become corrupt, or something hits a snag and I have to throw the DVD away. These things aren’t cheap folks. CD’s are a dime a dozen but DVD+R’s are EXPENSIVE.

I’ve also tried three times to back up all my files onto a DVD (because it said I could do that) and threw away three DVD’s in the process. What the fuck? Can’t people make a DVD burner that works? Please?!

Cookies: Last night as I was sitting in the living room watching Project Runway (which I’ll get to in more detail shortly), I had a hankerin’ for cookies. Now mind you, I don’t often eat snacks or sweets. I have to watch my boyish figure you know. But doggone it, I had a sweet tooth and it was saying “Bake Cookies. Now. Get moving!”

It was nearly 10 PM already when this urge hit me. I wasn’t about to haul out the KitchenAid and start mixing cookies at that hour. Then suddenly it hit me. I had some cookie dough frozen from Christmas! I could make those! So in an hour and 1/2 I had a batch of peanut butter cookies all ready for consumption. Hot damn!

Project Runway (Wednesday nights on BRAVO): I am totally, insanely, disgustingly addicted to this show. It’s Queer Eye on a caffeine drip. Ultra catty, mega campy and oh-so-BITCHY! I love it. It brings out the queen in me that I never wanted to be.

Last night’s episode was a re-grouping of all the designers to talk about things that happened on the show during the run. It was pretty explosive… lots of finger-pointing, name-calling and one designer stomped out and slammed the door behind her. DRAMA. Love it, especially when it’s on TV and not in my life. 🙂

Next week is the season finale, where we find out if Wendy, Kara-Saun or (my personal favorite) Jay wins the New York Fashion Week event and the chance to design their own personal line of clothing.

Wendy is a 40-something mom who, throughout the course of the show, never paid much attention to her looks (she always looked like she just got out of bed and her hair, streaked with gray, was always unkempt) and through backstabbing, freaking out at times, and just being an overall bitch to some people, she clawed her way to the top. Last week she beat out the over-the-top-queeny Austin to go into the final three, which shocked everyone. Will she win? I doubt it, but we shall see.

Kara-Saun is an extremely talented and accomplished designer who has what it takes and then some. But she’s starting to crumble in her hatred against Wendy. Will that bring her down in the end? I’m hoping not. I think Kara has a chance to win it all. She’s got the goods.

Jay, on the other hand, is nuts. He’s a big, loud, boisterous queen and isn’t afraid to tell you what he thinks about anything. But he’s also a teddy bear and has a true heart and puts every single ounce of himself into everything he does. He hasn’t won a single challenge along the way, but has always been so good that he made it to the final three. I would love to see Jay win. He deserves it, just for being so damn different. He looks like a Deadhead from the tehnicolor world. He’s awesome.

So what the hell… I am addicted to a “reality” TV show? Yes… it’s true. I never thought I would get so into a show but I am dying to see how this plays out. I love Queer Eye (both versions; even the Straight Girl “Gal Pals” are growing on me) but this has a story that evolves from week to week and it’s fun to watch. Have you been watching? What do you think is going to happen?

At this rate I am going to get myself watching shows like “Survivor” and “Amazing Race”… but I doubt it. For some reason I prefer to avoid shows that are over-hyped. I get sick of hearing about them all the time. So this is much more my speed. Less hype, but still fun to watch.

Thou: There have been a lot of new “faces” visiting my blog and I am so excited to see you all pop in! Thanks for your comments and for adding me to your blogrolls! I promise that I’ll get to your blogs as often as I can. I’m one of those crazy types that reads blogs a week at a time, so you’ll see comments from me by the bunch, rather than one a day. That’s just how I do it. It’s been great meeting you all and I’m looking forward to meeting more of you in the future.

Finally, I want to also thank everyone who had such kind things to say about my friend Larry’s passing last week. He wasn’t my closest friend, but he was a friend. Losing him, along with everything else that happened in the last week, was very difficult. Your thoughts and prayers are most appreciated. So… Thanks 🙂