Finally… some good news!

To break up the doldrums of the week, I got a note from my landlord in the mail yesterday. It was the usual “Your lease is up May 1, do you want to renew?” note.

Fully expecting my rent to skyrocket (and why wouldn’t it? It would have just fit the events of the week.) I opened the envelope and got a nice surprise.

My rent is actually going DOWN next year…. by $35 a month!

Can you say “ROCK ON!?”

This makes having to pay $44 in taxes this year and not getting any refunds somewhat OK…

So what about buying a place? Well… I still am going to start the process and see what happens. If something comes up, I can always sublease. But if I find I need to wait til next year… hey I’m paying $420 less in rent this year. I can’t complain.