(Spank Me!) I need (Ass) more hits (Tricks)!

OK folks. This is just an experimental (penis) post.

My word searches are (ass) boring.

I’m still (getting off) seeing the same old (jizz) searches on my (sling) SiteMeter. They’re all about (dick) as boring as a day of watching (bathhouse sluts) golf on TV.

In order to have more creative (oral sex) searches, I need to add nasty little things to my posts (group sex).

So in order to acheive (top daddy master) this (spread eagle) lofty goal, I need to (beefcake) beef up my use of (bottom boys) colorful words.

Once I have acheived my (big thick dick) goal, I’ll (jerk off) post the results here for you to (fondle) enjoy.

Please excuse my (naughty boy) post for today. I promise that tomorrow I’ll be (bisexual) back to my (queer, gay, homosexual, flaming queen, raunchy stud) old self.

Thanks. Have a good one!