Things that make me go AAAAAUURRRRGGHHH!

10. People who put cracked-up milk crates and plastic chairs in parking spots because they feel that since they cleaned out the spot, it’s theirs.

9. All the internet security on my computer sometimes causes my Email to hang while sending. I have stuff in my outbox that just isn’t going anywhere.

8. Pouring milk in a bowl of cereal and noticing, just before taking a bite, that it has gone sour.

7. Forgetting for the third week in a row to set my VCR to record “Desperate Housewives.’

6. Meeting a cute… no… HOT new Chorus member and having him tell me that he just got out of a 10 year relationship and is “still a bit fragile.”

5. My hair, which is seriously out of control and cannot be tamed at all. I must get a haircut soon. (Yes, Jake, by a REAL stylist.)

4. Having two concurrent design projects to work on that are due by Thursday… OUTSIDE of my real job.

3. Knowing that I’m not getting paid for either of those jobs because I did them pro bono.

2. My bank account, which is seriously depleted until, oh, February 7th.

1. The fact that it’s almost 4 in the morning and I am typing this post.

Oh well, that’s what I get for being a blog addict. šŸ˜‰