I love the winter weather

I really do.

But this is ridiculous!

It started snowing tonight at probably around 6-7 PM. By 2:00 AM we must have close to a foot of snow out there. And it’s not done yet. We’re sure to get a good half of a foot more tomorrow, at the very least.

Why can’t this happen during the week!?!? DAMMITALL!

It’s really pretty out there. I am definitely going to drag the camera out and snap some snowy scenes (don’t you just love unintentional alliteration?) and post them here. I promise! It’s been a while since I’ve posted any pics here lately anyway.

Thank goodness I went grocery shopping the other day. And thank goodness I also made 8 quarts of turkey noodle soup this week.

That’s right folks.. 8 quarts of soup. Of course about 4 quarts of that soup has already been consumed, but there’s plenty of leftovers to enjoy while the snow piles up to my third-floor windows.

And yes, that soup was homemade. As in I took the leftover turkey from Thanksgiving that my mom had frozen and made my own stock. And I added a couple turkey legs as well. Added my own spices. Chopped my own veggies.

And yes, it’s pretty friggin’ good. 🙂

Don’t you wish you had some right now?

I keep telling people, I would make an amazing husband. 🙂