Holy Shiz!

My friend Jeremy wrote today that he got tickets to Wicked when it comes to Chicago. He got enough for 10 of us… So on June 2, I’m going to see the Wizard! 🙂

I’ve been reading the original book of Wicked for the last week or so. It’s been an entertaining read. I hit the midway point yesterday. So I’ll have finished it in good time before the show.

I’m definitely the type of person that preferes to read the book before seeing the movie, or in this case, the stage adaptation. Some people do the reverse (and in a few cases I have as well, when it’s something I have seen before I really started reading.)

I enjoy reading a lot. It calms me and transports my brain to the time, place and story being told. I can’t begin to understand how anyone could think that reading is “Boring.” That’s such a load of nonsense. Reading is entertaining and entertaining. Your brain is the projector. The images are created by the words that are written. It enhances your senses and stimulates the imagination. And who doesn’t like to use their imagination?

So that’s the news of the day. I’m off to read for a bit.