Feel the love

I love a day off.

There’s just nothing better than sleeping as long as you want to, getting up when you want to, and doing what you want to. Sure, I haven’t done much of anything constructive all day, but dammit, I deserve it.

So New Year’s Eve was fun. I looked mighty handsome in my tux. I would love to show you a picture, but there was a coat check as we entered the building (the party was at this guy’s home and there was a coat check as you entered. How hoity is that?) and I left my camera in the pocket of my jacket. Of course I didn’t realize this until 1/2 way through the party, and at the point I figured it was safe (which it really wasn’t) and too much hassle to go and get it (which it was). So, no pictures. Sorry.

But it was a really nice party. Most of all my friends were there, which I was thankful for. When the Evite was sent, I didn’t see a lot of names that I recognized, and I was worried that 90% of the people there would be strangers. As the night progressed, I wasn’t worried anymore.

And the number of available single men pretty much equaled my friends. And that was about it. There were tons of couples and lots of straight folk too. Very minimal cruising/boyfriend hunting potential. Such is my luck. Oh well, at least, as I said before, I looked good.

The food was fantastic. There was an incredible spread- Lamb, shrimp and crab claws were featured along with many dips and, of course, caviar, which I had never really had until that night. I liked it enough. It honestly didn’t taste like much of anything.

And of course, all the champagne and other alcoholic beverages you could possibly dream of.

I always prefer a private affair over going to some ridiculously overpriced, crowded, and smoky bar, where everyone is plastered beyond comprehension and the music is so loud you can’t hold a simple conversation anyway. And if you get two bites of the substandard food being served, you are lucky.

New Year’s Eve should be spent with friends. The friends you spent the year with. The ones you enjoyed trips to Saugatuck and Montreal with. The ones you have dinner with every so often, talk on the phone with often, share your frustrations and joys with, and your triumphs and sorrows. Friends make every holiday, event and occasion so much more special. And the laughter you share with them is unlike any in the world. It’s the most special kind of laughter. It’s the laughter that says “Damn, I love being with you guys.”

So to Jeremy, Arnie, Shawn and Brent; Rafael, Ricardo, Will, Matt, and Anne; Elle, Danny, Jake, and Pete; Trung, Jeffrey, Ray and David H., and to my Blogfriends, Aaron, Karen, Patrick, Pua and Toddy

Thank you for being friends. Your gifts are constantly being given, just by being in my life.

Love to you all.