Cards and Letters

When I first moved out of my parents’ house, I couldn’t wait to write Christmas Cards. I got my list together, wrote them all out, addressed them, stamped them and sent them on their merry way. Three weeks before Christmas. I felt like Suzy Homemaker.

The next year I joined the Chorus. That cut a week out of my process. Yet I still faithfully wrote, addressed, stamped and sent every single card.

My third year in Chicago, I joined the throngs of people who added a Christmas Letter to their cards. I found a cute set of stationery that matched the cards I was sending, chose an equally cute font, and wrote away. I kept it short and sweet.

But the writing, printing, and folding of those letters added time. I didn’t quite get everyone’s cards out that year. I felt bad, but what could I do? They were late by about a week. Oh well, Happy New Year.

The next year, I took a picture of my previous year’s Christmas Tree and designed the letter around it. I printed out a ton of letters. I sent maybe 10 cards.

The following year, I bought cards, but didn’t write a letter. I did buy some cute stationery, but decided at the last minute that I didn’t have time to compose anything. I wrote some out and put names on them. And they sat in the card boxes for a full year.

So this year, I was on a mission. I picked up some nice cards at the store. I wrote out my messages and addressed the envelopes. I’m almost done. I can’t believe it. I’m actually going to send Christmas Cards this year. As insane as my holiday has been, I’M GONNA DO IT!

I guess I got my motivation back. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Want a card? Send me your address. You might just get one!

Merry Christmas everybody!

Motivation = 0

I’m exhausted.

I don’t want to work. I don’t want to shop. I’m tired of parties. I just want to sleep. And eat. And sleep some more. And maybe have sex once in a lifetime.

Is that too much to ask?

The holidays are wearing on me. I finally did some shopping after work last night. Yeah it wasn’t so bad, but I still have a couple more things to get. I’m really not motivated enough to get them. But I will.

Work is a drag, too. Everyone’s taking vacations and it seems like all we are doing is sitting there creating work to do. Hell, next Monday, out of a department of over 15 people, I am one of maybe 6 that will actually be IN the office. I’m sensing a long lunch ahead of me. Or hopefully an early end to the day. That’d be a novel idea.

It’s a struggle just to get dressed. As the sun rises and light filters into the room, I don’t notice that it’s morning and I have to get up; I enjoy how warm the sun makes the room feel and snuggle up under the covers and want to sleep more. Is that wrong? Is that nuts of me?

Yet here I am, freshly showered and brushing my teeth (I’m quite talented at multi-tasking; you’d be amazed.) I’m forcing myself to go out in the bitter cold and transport myself to a desk for 8 hours, under unforgiving fluorescent lighting and confining ergonomic conditions. Yup, that’s my job in a nutshell.

So I hope that your day goes well. Joy to the world.

It's colder than…

DAMN it’s cold outside tonight!

It’s colder than..

…A witch’s tit….

…my ex’s heart… (OK, not really… )

…a penguin’s patootie…

…a Minnesota summer…

…Donald Rumsfeld’s personality…

…George Bush’s brain….

NOW do you believe me how cold it is out there????

Can you think of any others?