Have a New Year!

What’s so Happy about a New Year?

Is it the starting over factor? The chance to right wrongs? The clean slate?

It’s just another day, really. You could easily make all the same mistakes and dumbass errors that you made, oh say, yesterday. Why is one day so significant?

Yeah there’s that whole changing the year thing. Big whoopty-doo. I forget to remember about that for at least 5 months after it happens anyway. Besides, the year, just like age and everything else, is just a number, really.

So the Happy part of the New Year probably lies in booze, drinking and drunkenness.

Resolutions aren’t happy. They’re unrealistic promises you make to yourself– and probably others– that you had no intention of doing or sticking to at any other time of the year. But because the year is changing, and the sparkly crystal ball is dropping in New York City, and Dick Clark is … well he’s in bed because he’s getting old (finally), we make all these promises that we do try to keep. For a few weeks at least. And then we just slip back into our old, familiar patterns. Because that’s what we as humans do.

So why don’t we just wish people to simply have a GOOD new year? It’s going to happen anyway. And if it ends up being happy, well, then that’s even better for you, and everyone else around you.

As for me, I definitely want to have a good new year. But I’m not going to change every last thing about myself or devise some schematic “master plan” to make sure that my happiness is insured. Hell, that’s too much work.

I would rather just continue being a good friend, being honest with myself and others, finding the good in situations rather than the bad (this is sometimes hard to do), and enjoying every single day that I have on this Earth.

And when things don’t go my way, having the right to pitch a bitch and whine about it until it does.

Because, gentle readers, that’s what life is all about.

So Have a Good… Great… ok fine.. WONDERFUL New Year. That is my wish for all of you.

And I hope you have fun tonight, whatever it is you may be doing. As for me, I’m going to be getting all gussied up in my Tuxedo and going to a swanky party. Hey, I may not have a date, and may not find a hunky, rich bachelor to connect with, but dammit, I’m gonna look GOOD.

Oh, and be very grateful that this was my New Year’s post. I was going to outline every single thing that happened in 2004. But I got bored writing it. And surely if I got bored writing it, you were going to be bored reading it. I’m always thinking of you. You’re welcome.

With love,