Retraction/Take Action

A couple of days ago, I wrote in a post about Nate Berkus and a friend, who were visiting Phuket in Thailand and were involved in the horrible Tsunami. I used the situation to playfully suggest that Mr. Berkus was my “future husband” and it “serves him right” for going on vacation with a ‘friend.’

In looking back on my post for that day, and realizing that, at the time, nobody really knew of the magnitude or the gravity of the situation in South Asia, I regret making those comments simply to make a joke, no matter how light-hearted it was meant to be. In fact, I have since learned that Mr. Berkus is missing a friend after the devastation.

I couldn’t wish that kind of ill will on my worst enemy. Therefore I apologize if at any time that comment was taken offensively by anyone who may have read it. This retraction and apology was not at all prompted by anyone or anything, other than me re-reading the post and realizing that I was in error. My apologies as well to Mr. Berkus and his friends and family. This is no time to be making a joke or making light of such situations.

Since I’m feeling this way, I would like to place some links here that connect readers to ways that they can donate money or find out more information about the Tsunami and its victims. I have no idea what the impact may be, or if my doing this will help at all, but in light of the situation, any amount of help, helps.

To donate to the American Red Cross, you can visit and make a donation. The money goes 100% to the Red Cross to provide food, water and also to get victims returned safely home, among many other things. Visit and click on the American Red Cross logo on the splash page.

There are many blogs about the tragedy, and blogs that list information resources. I will list those here:

To donate directly to the International Red Cross: