Depressing Day

For a time when there should be so much joy, it sure has been dreary lately.

Terrible news on the TV. The disaster in Asia is just going to get worse. It’s heartbreaking. I can’t imagine what those people are going through. And the people visiting, just enjoying time away from the hubub and insanity of life. Destroyed in seconds. Buses, cars, windows, chairs, children, people. Washed away faster than anyone could imagine.

TV and the news media, in their infinite need to imbibe us with the details over and over again, are again inundating us with images, sounds, words and sights that we are sure to never forget. Much as they did on 9/11.

We should be wishing each other “Happy New Year.” We should be enjoying our Christmas presents and reveling in the wonder of “The Season.”

And God has delivered to us this. To remind us that yep, he’s still the Boss.

But why, God, did you have to do it to these people? Why these good people, who did nothing more than live their daily lives in peace and harmony? These people whose sole existence is to enjoy the fruits of this Earth and the glorious place they lived? All this, swept away in one huge wave.

Yeah I know, you work in mysterious ways. I’ve heard it before. But sometimes your mystery bewilders me.

And yet we go on. I’m still going to my New Year’s Eve party on Friday night (alone). We’ll ring in the new year with champagne and well-wishes. And hopefully a kiss from a handsome stranger.

Maybe God can work some mysterious ways in my favor for once. Ya think?