The Party's Over

Tonight was my annual Holiday/Birthday party. After a good month’s worth of preparation, the fact that it’s now over is somewhat of a letdown, but also a major relief. No more do I have to worry about how much I have to spend on groceries (FAR too much), who is coming (I would venture to guess that close to 80 people came through my place tonight), or whether I would run out of food or drink (I didn’t, but damn the Vodka didn’t last long!)

The party started at 8PM and the last people left at about 1:45 AM. All told, I would have to say that it was a smashing success. And a lot of fun.

The thing I like about the group of people I call friends is that no matter what the configuration, or what the setting, there is never a worry that people will get along or be able to socialize. Everyone is extremely friendly, warm and fun to be around. As a host, it lifts a huge burden off my shoulders because I can just enjoy the party and my friends’ company.

That’s one of the beautiful things about being in a Chorus– or two Choruses for that matter. While there’s always something that we all have in common, we also truly like each other. Sure there’s a few tiffs here and there, and maybe this person doesn’t care for that person, but generally there’s always someone else that you like and can strike up a conversation with. It’s really an awesome thing to witness, even after having been a member for over six years.

Not to mention the fact that, on the whole, chorus boys are pretty neat party-goers.

I wish I had pictures to share. I charged up my camera batteries and everything, but I didn’t pick it up once. Sorry about that. I was having too much fun.

Oh well. It’s over. Now I have dishes to do.

I’ll see you in a couple days. 🙂