Hell Week- 4 Down, 2 To Go

Opening night was tonight, and the show went off absolutely beautifully. I’m happy to say that after day four of “Hell Week,” I’m almost sad to see it end.


OK I will admit, I like singing with the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus. A lot. I really enjoy being with the guys and I especially enjoy the experience of making music. It just takes up a lot of time and energy. I’m certainly willing to put forth that effort, seeing as how I’ve been doing it for the last 7 years (including this year.) What I have learned, however, is that I need to know when to say “when” and step back from it occasionally for my own health – mental and physical.

I joined the chorus for the Holiday show of 1998. There are three shows per season- Holiday, Spring and Pride. The year I joined, I dropped out of the Spring show, but starting with the following Pride show, I had done every single show up until the spring show of 2003, when I finally decided it was time for a break. I won’t go that long without a break again. It just isn’t good for me, when there are so many other things I should be taking the time to do in my life. In fact, I’ve already decided that I will not do this season’s Pride show.

I am also going to probably quit the Windy City Slickers. Permanently. I like most of the people that I work with in that group, but aside from having more solo opportunities (since it’s such a small group), I don’t feel challenged enough by the repertoire; and quite frankly, I don’t find the experience as fulfilling as the experience I continually have with the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus.

As I mentioned a while back, there are a few things I want to accomplish in my life, and in the next year, I plan on making many of these things happen. One thing in particular that I am going to concentrate on making happen is to buy my own place. I really feel that it is time for me to start taking the next step in life. That means taking control of everything– my time, my money and my ability to budget both. I have a lot of work to do, and I can’t do it if my time is spent running from here to there all the time. Something’s gotta give.

So those are the things that have been running around inside my head for the last week. And I would assume that they will continue to run around and gain some momentum as the weeks progress. For once in my life, I can honestly say that I have some true goals. It’s a bit scary, and yet exciting as well.

I’m turning 34 years old this Sunday. Time is not waiting for me. I can’t expect anyone-or anything-else to, either.