I'm Back

I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth. Honest.

I am back… finally well and almost back in service on my computer, too.

It took a while though. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and she recommended I stay home from work for two more days. That would make over one full week since I spent a full day at my desk at work. Sure I was up for the rest, but I hadn’t been off for that long since my vacation in July. But hey… you saw my schedule a few days ago. I figured I might as well take the rest.

I also decided to drop out of the Slickers show. I had already missed two Tuesday rehearsals due to being sick, and was going to miss all of the Technical rehearsals as well. It just didn’t make sense for me to work myself up about those shows when, quite frankly, I needed to NOT be worked up about anything right now. The directors understood, my health comes first. I’m going to see the show on Saturday night, though. I figure if I can’t be in it, the least I can do is see it.

I am still going to be in the CGMC show, though. I went to rehearsal on Sunday (and to an optional “Tutti” rehearsal tonight) and I gotta tell you, CGMC is sounding incredible these days. I am really proud of the music we are making and how well we are making it. So if you’re in the Chicago area and have a few bucks to spare, stop by the Athenaeum Theatre on either the 10th or 11th and check us out. (You can also check CGMC’s site for show information if you so desire.)

Pitch over.

Let’s see… oh… yes… there is another development in things as of late.

See, my ex-boyfriend has moved back to the Chicago area permanently after a long time of ‘finding himself’ and spending time in California after we broke up.

There is a long story in the making here, but let’s just sum it up by saying that when we broke up in early 2002, it was not because of anything I did (or that he did to me.) He had some issues that he had to deal with and he went away to deal with them. In the meantime, I tried to remain faithful and loyal to him, but eventually I knew he wasn’t going to be coming back anytime soon. He left in October of 2001, and by February 2002, we were through.

I really loved this guy at the time, and I still care about him enough to want the best for him. But aside from that, there is nothing left of the romantic sort for him. Lots of events and eye-opening admissions from him have made me realize that he is definitely not the right person for me. However, he was my first true boyfriend that I really and truly fell in love with. So, as I have already said, I really care about him and want the best for him.

OK ANYWAY. He has been living with his mom for the past few months while looking for a job in the Chicago area. He recently finally found a job and is now ready to start making a move back into the area.

So he Emailed me the other day, saying he needed a place to stay. He will pay me $100 a week ($200 up front) and the rest once he gets his first paycheck. In the meantime he will look for a studio so he can get himself back on track on his own.

OK are you following me here? I care about him. I want him to succeed. at the same time, I need the money.

So I am letting him move in for a while.

He will be here on Sunday.

Hey I can use the help setting up for my party, right? 😉

There is a lot more to this story than I am telling right here, but I don’t want to go into it all right now. I am very guarded (and will remain so while he is here) about this… so I will just have to wait and see. There will be a lot of discussions when he gets here.

In the meantime, I have an apartment to decorate. I started it last night and got all the boxes unpacked and knick-knacks out. The tree decorations are waiting for the tree to decorate. I just have to go find one now.

So Christmas is a-coming.

At least I won’t be spending each day alone.

For what that is worth.