What else???

I’m having the distinct suspicion that someone or something is out to get me.

Today at work, I was feeling fairly good. Sure I was coughing like a crazy fool, but I still felt overall pretty good.

Well apparently people at work didn’t think so. I was called into my manager’s office at about 3:00 PM and told to go home because they thought I wasn’t well enough yet.

That’s nice and all, and thank you for your concern, but I was there to work and I was feeling fine. But, they insisted and I went home.

So I got home and worked on a few things at my computer. Hey, I had the programs, so I figured I’d take a few things home. I sent those off and went to bed for a nap. (You think I wasn’t going to sleep? Ha!)

I woke up and checked Email, chatted a bit on the Internet and just took it easy.

I got a notice saying that my Internet Security program needed updating, so I started the process to update it.

I restarted the computer.

I got a blue screen of death.

That’s right folks, my brand-new computer, not even 6 months old, has just gone kaput on me.

Luckily I have a second computer at home (yes, I am that geeky) and was able to pull up Dell’s customer support. I talked with the guy there and he ran me through a bunch of diagnostics, only to find that my hard drive has, indeed, crashed. Again.

God. Damn. IT!

So Dell is sending a new Hard Drive my way. That’s wonderful and all, but it doesn’t replace every fucking program and every fucking file that I had on the old one. And yes, I did keep backups but it’d been a little while since I’d done a backup. Now all that stuff is gone.

Can I say it again? I’m going to anyway.

GOD. DAMN. IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So tomorrow I am going to the doctor in hopes that I don’t have Pneumonia. With the way my luck has been going, don’t be surprised if I am admitted into the hospital for a while.

I’m not saying I will be, but…

..just don’t be surprised.