Thanksgiving from Hell

Aah Thanksgiving. Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie. Simple, right?

Not this year.

Not long after I posted about being up, I got a phone call from my mom.

They had taken my dad to the hospital on Wednesday night. Another Diabetic problem. He was delirious, didn’t know where he was, couldn’t get in or out of chairs, and even wet himself on his living room chair.

My mom had been with him all night in the emergency room. She was just getting home and getting to bed. She wasn’t sure if dinner was still on or not, since we were going to also host my dad’s brother (the priest) and their cousin. With me being sick and dad in the hospital, mom was about ready to call it all off. But I was feeling a little better by Thursday morning (I had barely slept since I slept almost all day Wednesday) so I told her I’d be there to help her out.

I finally got myself together and out the door by 1pm on Thursday. I hit some traffic on the way up, so I didn’t get to her house til 3pm. But by then a lot was already done, I just had to help with the heavy stuff.

Dinner finally occurred at 6pm. We were done and cleaned up by 7. And then out to see my dad.

Dad was still not doing so well. I could tell he wasn’t completely coherent about his surroundings yet, and he was certainly not happy to be there. He did know it was Thanksgiving, and didn’t want to be there for it. I couldn’t blame him, but then, considering the circumstances, I’d rather have him there than anywhere else.

As I’ve explained before here, my mom and dad are both not extremely well health-wise. With dad’s diabetes and mom’s emphysema, it makes it hard for both of them to even live together, since my dad is essentially confined to his chair, as he can barely walk… and mom has a hard time getting around because any over-exertion and she starts coughing and wheezing. Yet somehow they still live in the same house I grew up in and get by.

I keep waiting for the episode that will change all of that once and for all. It’s not because I like to be doomy and gloomy; it’s just that it’s inevitable and it’s going to happen soon.

The next day, my mom and I were supposed to go to my sister’s to make Christmas cookies. I was feeling fairly OK, although the fever has still not settled into the “normal” zone. I called my doctor to see if she would prescribe me something without me coming in and luckily (since what I now have is sounding more along the lines of bronchitis, which I’ve had zillions of times) she prescribed some antibiotics for me. But I was feeling bullish so I went along to my sister’s anyway. Probably not the best idea. After a few batches of cutouts and spritz cookies (and that was just scratching the surface), I was exhausted. I started coughing violently. So I took a nap in my sister’s spare bedroom. I missed the rest of the cookie baking. Luckily they split up the batches and gave me some to take home. 🙂

So I came home and crashed again… and this morning woke up feeling incredibly sore and worn out from all of the violent coughing I’ve been doing. So I gingerly got my stuff together and got ready to head home.

My mom felt bad for having me go along to my sister’s yesterday, but I told her I made the choice to go, it’s my own fault. She shouldn’t have to worry herself so much.

So Here I am… I still have a few things to bring upstairs. It’s pouring rain outside, it’s simply miserable, and I just want to go to bed. But my bed is stripped because all my sheets are in the car (I did sheets and blankets at my mom’s house while I was there.) Great.

Today is just one of those “Calgon Take Me Away” days that you always saw on TV. Yet there’s no magic box of bath soap to cure my ills. I just have pills and the love of two kitties. I guess that will have to do. I just wish they could carry stuff up from the car for me. 😉

Anyway… off to bed soon. Just wanted to share my hellish Thanksgiving story with you. I hope yours was much better and happier. 🙂