Writer's block!

My friend Elle read my blog and pointed out quite a bit of stuff that I left off from my trip to NYC. I must have had major writer’s block… or maybe I was getting sick and not thinking clearly. This is what she sent me:

okay so you left out of your blog –

barney’s (We shopped at Barney’s– the first time I’d ever been in a Barney’s. I actually bought something, too!)
adrian brody going by unnoticed (he walked by us after our night out in Chelsea. Elle saw him but I totally missed him. I missed so many celeb sightings, as is evidenced by the next one..)
robert verdi (host of “Surprise by Design” on The Discovery Channel… couldn’t miss him, he sat right behind us at the restaurant we had dinner at when I got in.)
the fact that i live in the “heights” and NOT in Brooklyn – skanky brooklyn (I did mention on Friday that she lives in Brooklyn Heights but not on Sunday… my bad. 😉
the atypical friendly cab driver (He was so funny. He picked us up from the Plaza Hotel and dropped us off at Greenwich Village. Our favorite quote “Ma’am I’m a professional. I will get you there…”)
dylan’s candy bar (Incredible candy store we visited while waiting to get in at Serendipity, which we ended up not doing anyway. I found Willy Wonka bars and got them for some coworkers, along with some yummy chocolates.)

upper east
upper west
greenwich village – aka west village by locals
east village
union square (Through our whirlwind visits and rides along the Subway, we visited many of NYC’s villages. I really feel like I got the grande tour. Lord knows I couldn’t have done it on my own. Those subways are confusing!!)
the amazing century 21 (The dept. store across from the WTC site… designer duds for dirt cheap. It was a madhouse. If I had more money I would have been SHOPPING!)
and how you are prolly the only person i know to go thru chinatown and not buy one thing – (Granted, the deals were to be had there… I just didn’t have the money. I would have loved to have gotten my sister a Louis Vuitton purse for cheap. Maybe a return trip is in order…)
SoHo and how the streets are dead on friday but slammed on weekends (This is extremely true, and not just of SoHo but everywhere. Sunday is MUCH busier than Friday.)

the the boys from france wearing italian couture while alfredo was wearing french couture and jumping down the footpath as he thought he saw a rat – (that i had warned you against) (Oh yeah.. the garbage along the streets.. what the hell!?! NYC has no alleys so they just pile garbage up on the street curbs. It took some getting used to. Chicago has a great alley network so you don’t see all that trash. And where there’s garbage there’s rats. I didn’t see one but Elle told me to be on the lookout.. so I was. And the French boys were realy nice … one spoke English well but the other was not as good. They accompanied us to “XL”… asking lots of questions along the way. Alfredo was a guy we met at “XL” who came with us to “G”… where we promptly lost him. Nice but a tad sketchy.)

my my – i should have written your blog. (and you did… thank you Elle. 🙂

So yes, I am sick sick SICK. Temp of 102 and miserable. I’ve slept so much I don’t know what time it is. So from here I am going to hit the hay again and hopefully get rid of this crap in time for TURKEY. 🙂

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.

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