Where do I go from here?

I must admit, I am feeling somewhat lost at the moment.

I have this overwhelming feeling of uselessness. Like I have nothing more to contribute to society or life in general. My existence is just… there.

Attribute it to the results of “Black Tuesday” if you will. Attribute it to my feeling like someone stepped on my head with a 30-ton foot. Attribute it to whatever you want. I just feel useless right now.

I feel like I have nothing interesting to say. I read other people’s blogs and I get a similar feeling from some people out there. This guy chose to quit.

Should I? Hm.

Holy crap. I just looked at Palochi’s blog. He titled his posting for today’s the same as what I have listed above. Honest, Palo, I didn’t copy. I feel the same damn way.

He says we have a duty as bloggers to get the truth out. What if we don’t know the truth? What if we have nothing more truthful to say except “I AM PISSED OFF” and “I AM SICK OF BEING PUSHED AROUND” or maybe even “I WILL NOT STAND FOR ANY MORE OF THIS ASSHOLE’S CRAP!”

Well maybe that is a good start.

Among my friends, blogging and non-blogging, there seems to be an overwhelming sense of hopelessness. One friend said he’s fucking everything that moves because it’s going to be illegal soon anyway. Not the greatest way to deal with things if you ask me, but I can see his point.

This president has an agenda, and it does not include my rights, my freedoms or my personal security. He wants to bomb terrorists. And they want to bomb us. And they are going to bomb us, no matter what we do to them. Face it, folks. We are doomed. I just can’t help thinking this. We are doomed.

So where do I go from here?

Well, this weekend, I am going home to my mom and dad, who are thankfully Democrats and hate this bastard as much as I do, and tell them that I love them. I am going to tell them that I thank them for caring enough to bringing me into this world, no matter how horrible it is turning out to be. I am going to thank them for continuing to support me and love me, even though I am gay and our president and his cronies think that I am evil and contributing to the cause of ruin in our society (which is, of course, a crock of shit, but hey, when you vote a president in because of MORALS I guess that means that I’m amoral.) And I’m going to tell them that no matter what happens, I will always love them. Because that’s all that matters.

And then life will go on. Somehow.