Missed Connection – Connected!

Exactly one month ago today, I wrote about a missed connection I had on the El.

Exactly one month later…

…Oh hell, you’ll never believe it. I hardly believe it. It’s too bizarre for words.

But I’ll try my best.

Today after work, I went up to Rogers Park (the far north side of Chicago) to help with the cover photo shoot for the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus’s new CD, “I Will Be Loved Tonight.”

My participation in this process is fairly minimal. While I do a lot of the layout and design work for the chorus in other areas, I’m not going to be working on this project. And that’s just fine with me. I have enough to do as it is.

However, the concept for the cover of the CD involved a shirtless man standing in a bathroom mirror, getting ready for a date. Simple enough. Certainly sexy.

And to accomplish this concept, a search went out for an appropriate bathroom that this provocative photo could be taken in. Ideally it had to be one with a pedestal sink and an old-fashioned type mirror. And enough room so that the photographer could take the photo.

I gave a few recommendations. While this may sound odd, and you might think I seem to have a knack for pointing out bathrooms, it’s not that at all. I just knew the concept they had in mind and knew of one that would suit the need.

So they set up the photo shoot and, since I am on the Marketing committee, and I recommended the locale, the chair of the committee asked me to come along to shoot some “background photos” for the publications I do work on; namely the member newsletter, subscriber newsletter and possibly for the website. No problem. I’ll be there.

So I arrive for the shoot, and others start to arrive as well.

In walks Steve, one of the models who I knew.

And with him was this really cute guy.

Of course at first, I looked at him curiously, and he did the same to me, as if we recognized each other but couldn’t figure out how or why.

“You look VERY familiar,” I said, when we were introduced.

“Yeah, I was thinking the same about you,” he replied. “I think I met you in the train station…”

It hit me… holy fucking shit. It was him!!!!!!

“Oh my God! Yes! I do remember!” (Duh!) “I’m Rick,” I said.

“I’m Chris,” he replied.

As it turns out, Chris is the one who is doing the layout of the CD cover. He was there to observe the shoot so he could know how to design the cover.

Ahhh and here’s the kicker…

He also works with a fellow blogger. (ahem… someone needs to clue me in on someone. 🙂

So we talked for a bit and it was all cool. I didn’t want to seem like some giddy kid or anything, but I couldn’t help but think how strange of a coincidence it all was.

And the photo shoot was pretty sexy. I can’t wait to show you the finished results. In the meantime, here’s a few shots that I took at the shoot itself.

Damn my crazy luck. Stay tuned. 🙂

That’s Chris. Cutie, isn’t he?

Chris, Steve (another cover model) and Rich.

One concept for the cover. Hot ain’t it? 🙂

The models posing for the back jacket of the CD.