Bursting the Bubble and Other Tricks

Well I went to the doctor today. Got a ton of fun prescriptions to take for the next couple weeks. Whee!!! My head still feels like a balloon, but I’m hoping that in no time the pressure will finally deflate and I’ll be my old airheaded self again. 🙂

Not much new to report, really. This weekend promises to be quiet, uneventful and easygoing. Let’s hope that continues to be so.


Are any of you readers out there also cat owners? I need some advice.

I was sitting on my sofa yesterday, when I noticed… a pungent odor.

That’s right. My cats, or one of them, I am not sure, have been using my sofa as a litterbox.

I ripped apart the cushions and cleaned them the best I could, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get that smell out of them. I’m so pissed off (pardon the pun) I can’t stand it.

What should I do? Should I bring the cushions in to a dry cleaner? Is there something I can use to clean the sofa? And how can I get them to NOT DO THAT AGAIN? (Aside from getting rid of them, which I will not do. Yet.)

In the meantime I’m going to stop at the store and get as many odor killing agents that I can get my hands on and continue fumigating the place.

Thanks a lot, guys.