OK so I’m still reeling from the weekend I had. It was pretty fucking awesome. No doubt, one of the best in a long time.

It was capped off by the Chorus’s performance at Jubliate!, an event for Bonaventure House, a similar organization to Chicago House, except that it’s not necessarily gay-centric. And this event was not exactly gay-centric either. It was actually started years ago by opera singers and members of the Chicago Symphony. So the fact that the Chorus, who performed last night alongside such names as Joffrey Ballet (for only the second time in the last 3 years… no big deal, really…) and the Lyric Opera, was asked to participate in this event is a BIG FRIGGIN’ DEAL. Plus we performed at the new Harris Theatre for Music and Dance in Millennium Park. Again I say, no big deal.

The performance went spendidly, aside from a little glitch that lay in the fact that we hadn’t ever performed there before, so we weren’t really used to the space. For real, no big deal. It was incredible.

– – – –
Today I felt like a baloon was inflating inside my head.

And as I sit here and type this out, the fucking thing still hasn’t popped. Damn it all to hell. It sucks. I feel like I’m underwater and all sounds are echoing oddly against the surfaces around me. I hate this.

And my DVD player is still shot. I even went onto Sony’s website to chat with a service person, who told me to try a few commercially prepared DVD’s (I tried seven), then to make sure to clean the discs (yeah, they’re already clean) then turn off the player for 5 minutes (I had it unplugged overnight) and then to try blowing forced air into the opening (didn’t have that, sorry), so now I might have to haul it to an authorized service center and pay a gazillion dollars to have someone tell me that it’s shot. Oh goody. I can’t wait for that to happen. I’m so glad it made it past the 1 3/4 year mark before it decided to crap out on me. I just wish I could find the damn Best Buy warranty I spent good money on. I still can’t find the damn thing. So maybe I didn’t buy it. Fool.

– – – –

The Cute Chorus Boy (CCB) sent me the absolute sweetest Email last night. I had tried to call him when we were done with our performance (he wasn’t there… Cute New Chorus Boy… means he didn’t know the music, ya know.) but got his voicemail. So I left a nice “hey there, the show went great, give me a call or drop me a line and oh by the way I had a great time last night” message. Well his email response back was just “AWWW” inducing. He is just the sweetest guy.

But here is where the dilemma of today’s post resides.

See, one of my very good friends has liked CCB for a long time. In fact, they went to college together, but never really knew each other. My friend liked CCB “from afar” and never knew he was gay. Well suddenly here he shows up at Chorus, and my friend was all in convulsions because this hot guy he had a crush on in college was gay and is now sitting right next to him at Chorus rehearsals. Yeah, I’d be all giddy and heart-pumpy too. (which I was, regardless of the college connection, but anyway…) so my friend starts talking to him and brings CCB into the fold and we all meet him and befriend him. But my friend still has a major crush on him. He mentions it. Often.

I love my friend dearly. I don’t want him to hate me. But I like CCB. And even though we’re going to take things at a snail’s pace more or less, which could end up going nowhere in the end, dammit, there’s a hint of something there and I’m not going to sit idly by and let it slip away. So how do I manage this situation? And please don’t tell me to “tell my friend to get over it, CCB is MINE” because I’m not evil like that. Well, not yet at least. I’m a good boy, I am.

OK, time to put the dilemmas to bed for the night. But your help is most welcomed. Love to you all. 🙂