More Shit? Look At That Grin…

So I frantically ran up the stairs to my apartment, bags of groceries in tow. I also had a tuxedo. That’s for something I’ll talk about later. Let’s focus first on the story at hand, shall we?

It was 7:00. I had an hour. The place was still, to my eye, atrocious. I dumped the groceries in the kitchen and the tux in the closet and immediately went apeshit with the cleaning.

I tell you, when I am on a mission, I AM ON A MISSION. Floors were swept, furniture and rugs vaccuumed, bathroom sink, floor AND toilet wiped down and scrubbed, kitty furballs picked up left and right. (He does have an allergy to cats. I asked him if he’d be ok and he insisted he would. I got as much as I could.)

I was a madman. In no time flat, the place looked almost immaculate. The wonderful thing about my place at night is that with just the right lighting you can’t see all the sins. Of course, I have some wonderful places to tuck away the big ones. Lots of closets, drawers and such. Yeah, it’s cheating, but so what. To the naked eye it’s clean. Only I know what resides in drawer #1. Just don’t open it.

I had just finished sweeping up the last bits of dust and garbage and thrown them onto my back porch when the doorbell rang. The place was ready and so was I. Thank goodness.

He was as adorable and as charming as ever. A smile that just lights up the room. And he was here to see… me. Me! Wow. How did I rate?

Gave him the grande tour and headed to… the kitchen. (Get your minds out of the gutter.) Salmon awaited. We had oven broasted salmon in lemon and olive oil with fresh garlic and basil, red rosemary garlic potatoes and green beens with butter. Nothing terribly fancy, but I make it damn well. And it was damn good. He brought salad makings and I tossed some balsamic and olive oil on them with a little red tomato and a touch of spices. Opened a bottle of wine (white with the fish, chilled) and some mood music and candles and voila… a lovely romantic evening.

We were going to finish with a movie on the DVD player but when I went to put one in… the player wasn’t working! I tried a few movies and nothing was reading in the player. He didn’t care though. He said he had wonderful evening, and of course, so did I.

We talked about so many things… but basically we both agreed that there was interest on each of our parts, but given his situation (just out of a relationship) and the fact that he was just making new friends with all these new guys in the chorus, we agreed that it was best to remain friends and let the chips fall where they may. However, he did come in for more than one lingering hug… and just before he left, and one more hug and smooch goodnight (no lingering kisses… first date here folks. Gotta keep it on the level. I’m a newly old-fashioned boy. (-: ) he said he especially adored my … ahem.. paunchiness. Score!

And that’s how the evening ended. Totally sweet, totally innocent, great conversation, great food, and those sparkling blue eyes in the candlelight … oh my heart could just melt. If nothing else comes of it, it was worth it just to spend those few hours with him and enjoy the time.

And if anything, I’ve just made another really wonderful new friend in my life.

Nothing wrong with that.

See This Shit-Eating Grin?

I’ve already had the most incredible weekend.

It started last night. One of my friends sent out an Email earlier in the week to a group of us, inviting us out for dinner on Friday at Joy’s an inexpensive but extremely popular Thai restaurant in Boystown. Of course, everyone agreed that it was a fantastic idea.

Cut to Friday. There’s at least 18 of us there. Seriously. It was incredible. We took up 1/2 the restaurant. Everyone was relaxed, laughing, talking, and having a wonderful time.

Most of the group were from the Chorus, and had been friends for a long time. Some brought spouses or dates. But one person in particular was a new face.

Yep, the Cute New Chorus Boy.

Now I gotta tell you. I really, really think he’s cute. And charming. And adorable. And sweet. But at no time have I ever wanted to make any overly forward advances, because; A: He just got out of a two-year relationship; B: As mature as he is, he is almost 10 years my junior; C: He is a newbie to the Chorus (typically it is bad form to “pounce” upon new members so quickly. If they “pounce” on you, though, it’s fine. But I digress.); and D. He is having a wonderful time meeting new people and making new friends, and I wouldn’t want to jeopardize that.

So, that being said, harmless flirtation is just fine. And there was plenty of that all night long, between him and me and most everyone else who was a part of the evening’s festivities.

We headed to Sidetrack after dinner, where the flirtations continued. Now I’m not saying there was anything scandalous, but you know, a cuddly hug here, a backrub there, a “let me buy you a drink” there… everything was all in good fun.

So at one point I was giving Cute New Chorus Boy a backrub… and I have to admit, I was putting some extra effort into it. No meager shoulder rubbing here. This was some good knot-kneading, put-some-elbow-in-it-action. He was loving it. Of course, so was I.

At one point he whispered into my ear “I’m going home with you so you can do that do me some more.” To say I bit my tongue would be highly unneccessary, but true nonetheless.

He had had a few drinks, so we stayed a little later to sober him up a bit before he went home. All around us there was plenty of fun stuff going on. This one was making out with a few boys, that one was cruising the bar for a boy to take home, and the other one was talking to everyone else. It was fun. But in the end, we all went our separate ways and called it a night.

This morning, I got an E-mail AND a call from Cute Chorus Boy.

CCB: “What are you doing today?”

Me: “No plans, what’s on your agenda?”

CCB: “Oh…” he had this errand and that errand to run…

Me: “Cool… how about later?” I replied.

CCB: “No plans, preferably something low-key.”

Me: “Low-key sounds great to me.” The wheels began to turn in my mind…

CCB: “Cool. Let’s think upon that, and I’ll call you when my errands are done.”

Me: “Great, talk to you then…”

Needless to say, I was intrigued. I wasn’t quite sure how the night would end, but I knew it would possibly involve him, me, and nobody else. That was a thought I kinda liked.

I began cleaning my apartment. Oh it needed it, don’t get me wrong. But you know, you have to anticipate things. Should they occur. If they do.

I had a few errands to run of my own, and he called while I was out.

“Hey what’s going on?” I asked.

CCB: “Well I just got home, and am going to lay down for a short nap. How about I call you when I wake up?”

Me: “Sounds good,” I said, and continued about my errands.

Which now included buying groceries. Fresh salmon, baby red potatos, salad… already had some wine… hmm… what else…

He called just as I got home.

CCB: “Hey, I just woke up!”

Me: “Cool, what are you doing now?”

CCB: “Oh I’m about to make a hot dog for dinner.”

Me: “A HOT DOG!?” I retorted, “Well, you’ll be missing a fabulous dinner then.”

CCB: “Really? What are you going to have?”

Me: “Oh I just bought a huge fillet of salmon and some other things…”

CCB: “OOOH that sounds wonderful!” After a pause…

CCB: “Are you inviting me over for dinner?”

Me: “You’re so perceptive!”

CCB: “Well screw the hot dog then! What time should I be there?”

Me: “How about 8?”

(Cue the shit-eating grin. More later. 😀 )