8 thoughts on “He's hot and all.. but….

  1. Do you know how difficult it is to achieve that level of Hollywood White-nees? See, the usual procedure for Hollywood Whitening, would take up to $2000 at the dental office. *ahem* But you can do it too at home, by using various Teeth Whitening products (the strips works too)… up to 4 weeks of non-stop every day treatment.. your teeth can be as pale as a ghost.

    I personally have tried the home-teeth-whitening thingy…2 weeks… intensive whitening gel… totallly numbed my gum and made my teeth ultra sensistive… but my teeth ended up 3 levels whiter than before!!!!

    (after 10 cups of coffee and tea, plus a couple bars of chocolate, the whiteness went bye bye..)

  2. Rick,

    You should remember meeting Bill at my Christmas Party and at the Chicago Young Professionals…(I think I drug you to one of those events). He is a charmer! Looking forward to seeing your pearly whites. Bug

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