I feel witty, Oh so witty…

I should title this, “I FELT witty… oh so witty…” because I had a great post all written out and ready to go, full of witty and humorous observations about things going on in my life and in the world today, ideas that would have changed the course of humankind as we know it, thoughts that would have maybe won me the Nobel prize….

But wouldjabelieveit, my Internet Explorer crashed and I lost the WHOLE DAMN THING!

WHYYY!!! WHHHHYYYYYY!!!!! (in my best Nancy Kerrigan voice)

I do, however, remember using this phrase, and it fits quite eloquently right now:

Grr! Gah! Feh!

So to summarize as best I can, without anything to go back on, and with hours having passed since I actually wrote the damn thing, here is basically what I had to say for today.

And no, I don’t expect any prizes for my grand observations, either.

So I was sitting at home yesterday because I was sick. I woke up feeling yucky and my head was all full of something other than brain fluid, so I knew it just wasn’t going to be a good day to work. I popped some cold and flu medication, laid down and slept for 6 hours. Ahhhh.

When I finally awoke, I didn’t feel like doing much except check Email and maybe blog a little.

Suddenly this Email pops up. It’s from Tuna Girl. She wanted my ‘snail mail’ address, along with a few others. She’s going on a cruise and wanted to send us all postcards. Either that or pictures of naked, or nearly-naked, men. Well sweetie, have fun, and please do both! šŸ™‚

This set off a rapid-fire exchange between bloggers, including Aaron, Jeffrey, Pua, Patrick and a host of others that got me laughing out loud. Really. Out loud.

So then I decided to watch a movie. But I was still feeling really lethargic. Until I remembered that my new computer has a kickass DVD player on it. Oh goody! And I just got a bunch of DVD’s from just-recently-joined Columbia House DVD Club. Oh double goody! So I kept my lazy ass in the chair and popped in

“Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”

So I’m hopped up on cold meds, my head felt like a balloon, and I was watching this trippy movie from the 70s about Oompah Loompahs and Veruca Salt and Snozzberries. I felt great.

The day ended pretty uneventfully. I played a little Sim City 4 Rush Hour (which is SO AWESOME on the new puter I can’t stand it) and hit the sack.

Aren’t you glad I shared all that with you? Are you still out there? Oh good. Pablo, get this reader a cup of coffee. There you go, that’ll wake you up.

This weekend, I am heading to Kenosha to set up my mom’s computer (which is my old one. Yes, all the porn is gone. Whaddya think I am, nuts?) and then heading back to Chicago for the Chicago House black tie event that my friend Jeremy organized. I’m going as a volunteer, which means that I don’t have to pay, but I do have to work. For a little bit. And eat. A lot. And drink when I’m done working. Not a bad gig if you ask me.

And I’m carpooling with that cute new chorus boy. He said I was “adorable” in an E-mail today. Um…. yeah, that’s kinda cool. šŸ™‚

Have a fun weekend everyone!

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  1. Carpoling with a cute chorus boy? The two of you alone in a car? And he called you adorable?

    Will you even make it to the event??

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