100 Posts + 2000 Hits = WOW!

Yesterday’s post marked post number 100 on this blog, and over the weekend, I got my 2,000th hit.

Seems like just yesterday that I started this thing. Now I’m hitting milestones. Who’da thunk it?

I want to thank those of you who give me a read (and a comment) daily, or nearly daily, for you are the fuel that keeps me going: Pua, Joela, Aaron, Jake, Scott, Toddy and Karen.

Also I want to thank everyone at Gay Bloggers on Tribe.net for their encouragement, ideas, support and friendship.

It’s only been a couple months, but I feel like I’ve joined a really dense, powerful community through this blog. It’s a sense I haven’t felt in many years. Not since the early years of the Internet Explosion have I seen so many come together for a similar purpose and share a bond so strong. You help me to see things more clearly in my own life, and to chart the course for things to come. Thank you. I will never be able to repay you fully.

Finally, to those who visit occasionally, I hope that I can keep your interest and have you return more often. But if not, I understand.

In the end, as I posted to Tribe recently, this is my theory about my blog….

My blog is just another extension of me. There’s no best or worst part or feature. It’s just a warts ‘n all sort of observation of my life, what I believe in, and how (and why) I do the things I do. It may not have the greatest layout or most fancy design or be the most-read blog in the world, but I’m proud of it!!!

So thank you, everyone. With all my heart.

11 thoughts on “100 Posts + 2000 Hits = WOW!

  1. Well, congrats Little Boy, on this amazing kick ass milestone that your blog (and YOU) have achieve.

    Keep blogging, baby 😀

  2. :::giggle::: A Guy Sandwich!

    Congrats Rick! I’m SO glad to be a part of your amazing network and experience the wonderful person that you are. I love your blog, but more importantly…I love you. ::SMOOCH::

  3. No man – thank you – for getting me to laugh out loud with your comments you leave – hard with excitement – for the October poem (or lyrics?) – and the RcktRambles.

    wink-smirk – Aaron

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