Missed Connection #1 (Part 2 of 2)

OK so I’m telling these stories backwards. Luckily, they’ll read in the right order in the archive. I’m just clever that way.

Last week I told of a missed connection on the CTA Red Line.

Well, this has happened before.

A few months ago, I was riding the same line, catching the train in the same station, on the same day of the week.

And I simliarly flirted with a hot guy.

We got on at the Grand station (obviously the best station for cruising guys.) and sat across from each other. I was wearing my headphones, sitting nonchalantly, looking around the train.

And then I saw him.

Brown hair, green eyes, sort of tall, nice build.

He looked right at me. I returned the stare. Then looked away.

This happened a few more times during the course of the trip. I tried to feign ignorance at first, but his stares were just too obvious. A few times, our eyes locked just a little bit too long.

But I stood still and didn’t offer to introduce myself. For that matter, neither did he.

We kept the game going until the train reached the Sheridan stop, where he got up.

And giving me one last, long look,

He exited the train.

Cursing myself, I devised a plan.

I was going to find him.

When the train arrived at my stop, I quickly walked home and signed on to the Chicago Reader website.

The Chicago Reader is a free weekly publication that has everything from bar listings to extensive articles to personal ads, including the “Reader Matches.” One section of the Reader Matches is dedicated to “Missed Connections.” I knew this, and fully intended to find my mystery man.

I placed my ad and sent it in. In a week or so, the ad finally appeared in the Reader. The ad read like this:

You, M, green eyes, brown hair, and I, M, Brown eyes and hair, were in the Grand station together, and boarded the same train. You sat across from me. Our eyes met more than once, but I was too chicken to say anything. Before you left the train, you looked back one more time. I’d love to get to know you.

About a week after the ad appeared in the paper, I checked my messages. He had replied! I couldn’t believe it. I figured it was such a needle-in-the-haystack sort of thing that nothing would ever come of it, but here he was, actually leaving me a message.

He gave me his E-mail address and we E-mailed back and forth a bit and decided how to meet in person. We decided to meet at Gentry, a piano bar downtown.

The meeting was nice, and he was as handsome as I had remembered. We talked about a lot of different things, flirted a bit and had a generally nice time. But he had a secret…

He had a boyfriend.

FIGURES! Of course he said it was fizzling out, hence why he’s flirting with guys on the El, but still… I just can’t bring myself to getting hopeful about someone who isn’t out of a relationship yet.

So we agreed to keep in touch and maybe do lunch sometime (which we did a little while later,) but keep it “on the level” for now.

I haven’t heard from him in a while, but we are still on decent terms. In any case, it was a really cool story, and I’ve rambled on about it long enough.

Now, back to the boy from last Tuesday.

Naturally, since fortune has smiled on me in the past, I figured I’d try my luck again. So I posted another Missed Connection ad (recently renamed “I Saw You”) and am still waiting. Here’s the text of that ad:

Red Line Train of Fire
We met in the Grand Avenue Red Line station, waiting for the train on Tuesday, September 28. The station was incredibly crowded and we waited a long time. When the train came, something was burning and it filled the station with smoke. You turned to me (I had headphones on) and started chatting with me about the situation. We shared the ride to Belmont, where you got off. I never got your name, but really wish I had. Let’s try again, shall we?

Whether there will be a Part 3 to this saga remains to be seen. I will just have to continue biting my nails, checking my E-mail every 5 minutes, and drumming my fingers on the desk until then. But if something does happen, you know you’ll be the first to find out.