I watched the debates last night, from start to finish.

I have to say, they both did a good job. They both were strong, and are strong candidates.

But John Kerry kicked Bush’s patootie.

I’m sorry, but putting the two of them side-to-side only proves to me all the more that Mr. Kerry has the strength, the knowledge, and the ideas to move us forward. Granted, the debate was only about foreign policy, terrorism and Homeland Security, but since this is the area that Kerry needed to truly come out and explain where he stands, I think he took care of this and then some.

Bush did the same as well, but it was just the same overused and overplayed rhetoric that we’ve heard over and over again. He sounded tired and at times exasperated.

And then of course, there’s the process by which Bush comes up with a response. You can just see him plugging in the lamp, waiting for it to warm up, and then switching on the light bulb, only to sl-l-o-o-o-w-w-w-l-y brighten up with an idea. He just can’t think on his feet. And that’s not something that we need from the leader of our country.

Kerry was forceful, direct, quick with a response, and clear. Bush was not.

I’m looking forward to the next round.