Missed Connection #2

Today was another one of those days where one thing could have made the day a total waste, but another thing, a brief shining moment, made it all worthwhile.

Last night, the cats were restless and antsy, I had incredible sex (see yesterday’s post), and I was all wound up. So I didn’t get much sleep. As a result, it was really, really hard to get up in the morning.

Still, I went to work and muddled through the day.

Thing #1 that could have made the day a total waste was when I got the phone call from the car repair shop. I had turned my car over to them the night before in hopes of getting my brakes repaired and the oil changed.

I didn’t expect an estimate of over $1,800. Holy fucking shit!

Of course, in addition to the things I needed done, they found a slew of other things wrong with the car. Of course. That’s what these guys do. But I couldn’t afford $1,800.

So I got it down to $780 plus tax. That was for the brakes and a fan belt that needed to be replaced. He gave me the oil change and fluid checks for free. How generous.

I started to contemplate how my bill could possibly be so outrageously high, when he wasn’t completely REBUILDING my braking system, just replacing what needed replacing. He replied that he uses only “Heavy Duty, High-Quality parts.”

Yeah, they must be made of gold.

Of course, by the time we had this conversation, he was already done with my car. Because I wasn’t smart enough or fast enough to say “Whoa, buddy, that’s high, let me bring it somewhere else…” So the damage is done. I have an $800 repair bill for my car. God Damnit.

There goes that new credit card…

So because of the whole car fiasco, I took the train to work today. Now granted, I should take the train every day. But I’m lazy as hell. It’s hard to get up in the morning (and this morning was certainly no exception), and usually by the time I do get up, I am already running late. So I drive. A lot.

Thing #2 that made the day worthwhile happened on the way home.

After work, I rushed to the train station. I had to make it to rehearsal at 7:30, but first, I had to pick up my car. So there was a lot to do.

I got to the platform and it was crammed with people. Of course. Cubs game.

It took forever for a train to arrive. The platform kept filling up with people. And then I saw him.

Blue-green eyes, blondish brown hair, maybe about 5’9″ or so, maybe a hair taller. Cute, cute, CUTE.

So of course he kept me distracted. I had my headphones on, listening to some mix CD I had put together. I watched him walk by, back and forth, looking to see if trains were coming, then back again.

Eventually a train did arrive, but for some reason, after it stopped in the station, the distinct stench of an electrical fire followed it. And a lot of smoke. It was a little bit scary, and much more concentrated toward the front of the train. (I was at the back.) People started to board the train, but then the muffled announcement came that they needed to check the train for trouble (I am guessing, since I couldn’t understand a single word,) and people started to file off the cars.

Cute boy was still in the station. He was thinking like me… “Wait for the next one.” Smart boy.

The smoke started to get worse, but people still didn’t move.

And then it happened.

Cute boy turned to me and smiled, shaking his head.

I quickly shucked off my headphones.

“I don’t know why they bother,” he said.

“With what, the announcements?” I replied.

“Yeah, you can’t hear a thing they’re saying.”

“Yeah, it’s ridiculous. I have no idea what the problem is, but you’d think they’d just send someone down and tell us…”

“Well I’m not going anywhere yet.”

Oh goody!

So we chatted for a bit. I told him about my recent experience on the El with the house fire. He asked where I lived, and I asked him where lived. (Roscoe & Broadway. Boystown. Go figure.)

Finally the smoky train moved out of the station and another one replaced it. As we continued to talk, we boarded the last car of the train. It was jam-packed.

After we moved out of the station, the train stopped. Another muffled announcement came over the loudspeakers. We were stuck.

“Well this is fun,” I said.

“Yeah, I just hope we start moving soon,” he replied.

“Could be worse,” I commented.

Finally the train started to move again. A seat opened up, which I offered to him, but he insisted I take it, since my trip was longer. I obliged. He stood in front of me. This cute boy with the blue eyes and great smile and wavy hair, This cute boy that was going to get off the train in a few stops, this cute boy that started talking to ME and made me feel all tingly.

This cute boy whose name I still did not know…

…And never did find out. His stop arrived, he said goodbye, and I said take care. And as I watched him walk out the door…

…he glanced back at me one more time.

DAMN IT! Why am I such a chickenshit!?!?!?

Ahhh… but faithful and observant readers, the title of this entry is Missed Connection #2. That means there must have been a Missed Connection #1, right?

Stay tuned…

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  1. Okay back to Cruising Camp with you. Your assignment – business cards in your breast pocket.

    – Aaron aka EVill

  2. Okay back to Cruising Camp with you. Your assignment – business cards in your breast pocket.

    – Aaron aka EVill

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