Vodka + Rick Don't Mix and Other Flirtations

Ugh. It was a rough weekend.

Oh I had fun… but the payoff wasn’t so great.

Saturday night I went to see Lipstick & Lyrics, a fundraiser for the Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus at Hydrate. It was a great time, highlighted by the chance to see Nofo perform a couple numbers in knockout drag. Nice job, Heidi. I was going to be nice and not post a picture of her here.. .but then I read his blog and read this entry, and… well I’m feeling evil.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you to….

The lovely, effervescent Ms. Heidi Holes

Aw Jake I do love ya. I’m just jealous. And envious. And bitter jaded bitchy completely supportive of your affair newfound beau. 🙂

SO ANYWAY… They had a $10 cover and for one hour you could drink all you wanted. So I chose…

Vodka and Cranberry.

What was I thinking? I should have known better.

It’s true that Vodka + Rick do NOT mix well. I’ve been suffering the afteraffects ever since. Upset tummy, feeling basically like I’m gonna ‘hurl’ even though I never did. I still feel shitty today. Blah.

That’s why my drink-of-choice is Rum & Coke. You can’t go wrong with it, and it never, EVER gets me sick. I must remember this from now on.

Sunday was rehearsal, and we got all of our music for the CGMC Holiday show, “Fa La La La Blah Blah Blah”… cute title, even if the song it belongs to isn’t quite my favorite yet. It’ll grow on me. However, the rest of the music is absolutely stunning. Patrick, our director, has once again written some simply gorgeous pieces for us to perform- one at the opening of the show and one at the end. In between are moments of hilarity, beautiful music, and other good times. I hope that everyone in the Chicago vicinity will come out and see us. It’s going to be an incredible show.

Ad over.

After rehearsal, we went out to Crew, the new gay bar my friends and I visited not too long ago. Here is where I got to flirt with a cute new member who just a week ago was in a relationship. Well guess what.. no more! Apparently he had broken up with him during the week. He didn’t seem all that upset about it. To hear him tell it, it was a long time coming anyway.

Well… the guy is just damn cute. And young. And probably way out of my league. But dammit, it was fun to flirt. And he’s in my section, too. So who can blame a boy for being friendly? 😉

So the weekend wasn’t a total waste. I think any weekend where you get some good hard flirting time in with a cute boy is a weekend well-spent. Hey, I gotta make myself known as much as possible. I’m not getting any younger, ya know. Besides, some other blogger (who happens to be in the same chorus as me) out there might worm his way in and snatch him up before I get a chance. Can’t let that happen.

Love ya, Jake. 🙂