God Damn It All To HELL! (Insomnia Part II)

I finally fell asleep. At 6:00 in the morning. Here’s the breakdown of the day’s events.

6:00 AM – Fall asleep

7:55 AM – Alarm shrieking, I wake up with a start. I had to be at work at 8:00.

Oh great. It’s going to be a fun day.

Thank goodness I took a shower last night. I throw on some clothes, gargle with some mouthwash and I’m out the door.

8:10 AM – I call work to let them know I’ll be a “Few minutes late”

8:15 AM – Lake Shore Drive is a parking lot. FUCK.

8:30 AM – I arrive at work… a few MORE minutes late than I had hoped.

Now here is where I must decide whether I want to blog about work or not, because someone might just read this. All I will say is that the reason why I had to be at work so early is because I was asked to come in early by my manager the night before to work on something, and he couldn’t get a hold of the other two people in my area. So he got me. “Fine, I’ll be there” I said.

So when I got to work, BOTH of my co-workers were already there.

And so… WHY again did I bust my ass to get here this morning?

(I guess that breaks down the “blogging about work” bit.)

1:00 PM – Free lunch. Whooo hoo! I love when meetings get out and there’s food left over.

3:30 PM – Meeting with manager and partner about project. I had to leave at 4:15 at the latest for a doctor’s appointment. And to get home in time for my computer to arrive. Now they’re giving me a project to get done in an hour. Uh-huh.

4:45 PM – I leave work, frustrated and handing the job off to my also-frustrated co-worker.

4:50 PM – Too late for the doctor’s office. I reschedule the appointment, but still go home. I’m exhausted, after all. Plus, my computer is coming! UPS said they’d deliver after 5:00 PM.

5:15 PM – I arrive at home. No InfoNotice from UPS – they haven’t arrived yet. Cool.

5:45 PM – Still waiting.

6:00 PM – Yep, still waiting.

6:30 PM – Hmmm… wonder what’s on TV.

7:00 PM – You guessed it.

7:15 PM – I call UPS. They have no record that anyone had been to my house, but “They have to make an attempt today before 7:00 PM.”

“It’s past that,” I retorted.

“Oh… well, sometimes they do run late.”

“We’ll see. If they don’t arrive with it I will have to call to make other arrangements.”

8:15 PM – Still no delivery.

9:30 PM – Here I am, typing away on my blog, on my OLD computer.

So let’s recap. I had one sleepless night. I busted my ass to get to work, only to find my coworkers already there (who they said they couldn’t get a hold of the night before.) I cancelled my doctor’s appointment, I got home in time for UPS, and they never arrived. Plus, I was supposed to have gone to a chorus marketing meeting tonight, which I missed, because I was waiting for UPS.

My day sucked. How was yours?

I’m going to bed now.


I can not sleep.

I’ve been trying to sleep for the last 3 1/2 hours. I’ve tried soothing sounds on my clock radio, drops of lavender oil on my pillow, different positions, different configurations, and now I’m up blogging because…

I just can not sleep.

So, lucky readers, you get to read my ramblings while I attempt to get tired.

Not that it does any good anyway, since I have to be up in 1 1/2 hours.

So usually when one has insomnia, it’s caused by either stress, anxiety, or worry. Among other things.

Let’s see.

What’s happened in the last few days that has caused me stress?

I visited my parents on Saturday. And while that would usually cause me some sort of stress, it wasn’t so bad this time. It was actually a rather nice visit. What’s stressful is that they can’t decide whether to sell their house or stay there, and I think they’d be crazy to stay there. Long story short, they just can’t take care of the house, the property and themselves. They need something smaller. But complacency is always easier, and they would rather stay where they are than bother with a move. Not that I blame them, but it is for the best. So yes, that would be a cause of stress. And worry.

I have to go in to work 1 1/2 hours early today. That’s stressing me out right now, considering I haven’t slept yet.

My cats are unusually antsy tonight. They’ve been fighting with each other, which is strange because they usually get along very well. That’s stressing me out. And causing me anxiety. And keeping me further awake.

I get my new computer today. That is, if I get home in time for the UPS delivery. So thus, I will be leaving early from work (since I am going in early) so I can meet the UPS delivery person in time. It’d be much easier if I could just stay home, but I can’t (see above about going in 1 1/2 hours early – there is a reason.) So I’m stressed about that.

OK and there was this guy that I met last week while out at the bars that I thought was really cute. We flirted most of the night and (I thought) hit it off well. We exchanged numbers at the end of the night. I was supposed to meet him and some chorus friends out on Wednesday but couldn’t make it because I had to work late. I never heard from him, but knew I’d see him again tonight. Well tonight, he was out again, but was hanging all over one of my chorus friends. In fact, they were wearing these ridiculous T-shirts. His said “I’m J….’s Daddy” and the other guy’s said “I’m C….’s Bitch” How charming. Men suck.

So all these petty, stupid little things add up to more and more stress in my life. Are they enough to keep me awake at night? No. I am really not sure what the true cause is, but since I’m awake, and can’t get my mind to relax, I might as well say what’s on it. So there, that’s what’s on it right now.

Back to trying to get some sleep.