Atmospheric Pressure

I’ve been feeling very… blah lately.

I wasn’t sure what to attribute it to. Maybe it was the weather, which has been unseasonably hot (after an unseasonably cool August). Maybe it was work, which has been extremely busy. Maybe it was the news, with reports of more people suffering through hurricanes and idiots shooting innocent puppies.

Then again, maybe it was my blog.

I just wasn’t feeling very inspired. I’ve liked some of my posts, and thought that I’ve been expressing myself well. But something just hasn’t seemed right. I felt like something was missing.

At first I blamed readership. I didn’t think anyone was reading my blog. But I’ve been tracking that, and it’s respectable. I can’t complain about that. Besides, I’m not blogging for the readership. (Even though I do love readers!) I am blogging to express what’s going on with me internally, what my thoughts on are issues and events, and to tell sordid details about my exciting social life. (OK, so that’s a stretch.)

I don’t profess to be a talented writer. I don’t claim to be a prolific designer. Hell, I’m using a pre-fab template that someone from Blogger cooked up. I am not a professional photographer. I don’t live an expensive lifestyle. I don’t have a pretty car or an amazing lakefront penthouse. (Darn it, Oprah didn’t come through.)

I am just me. A 33-year old generic white guy, who happens to be gay, lives in Chicago with two cats, and tries to go about his day-to-day life with a positive outlook.

In reading other blogs this week, I have noticed that I am not alone. There seems to be a pervasive cloud of doubt hanging over many of my blogger friends. So maybe this is just a strange ill wind that has blown over us all, and it will eventually pass.

So I am hereby hoping that all of my fellow bloggers continue to find whatever it is that inspires them to blog, to continue to do so, and to share their gifts with the world. Each of us is unique and bring our own unusual perspectives to life in general. The beauty of the blog is that the forum is so completely open. Each of us contributes to this forum with our own gifts, be it an acerbic wit, a smattering of humor, an insightful eye, or a ray of hope.

Today, I feel like sharing my “rays of hope.”:

• I hope that next year at this time, my life will be even better than it is today.
• I hope that our country comes out of this election stronger and more secure.
• I hope that my family continues to be healthy and happy and safe.
• I hope that my health continues to be strong.
• I hope that I find love before I turn 40.
• I hope that my newfound blog friends find happiness in everything they do.
• I hope my current friends find the same thing.
• I hope that ignorance, greed and hurtfulness toward other people find some way of ending.
• I hope that you enjoy reading my blog, even if I am at times pensive and self-doubting.
• I hope that you realize that I am human.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me. I hope you continue to do so.