Brain Fuzz

Whirling Dervish
• I can’t believe Florida might get hit with another hurricane. Pretty soon you won’t need to ride Space Mountain to get on a good spinning ride down there. Sheesh.

Oh how timely
• Many people are predicting that Osama bin Laden will be captured JUST IN TIME before the elections. I subscribe to this notion. I bet he’s been caught for months now. How disgustingly perfect would it be for the Bushman if they rolled him out on a plank in just such perfect time. It makes me shudder. (References: Andymatic, Mirth, Musings & More)

The Chicago Cubs? More like the Chicago Chumps
• The Cubs are pissing me off. Just when you think they might have a chance to make it, they blow it. Again. I’m so sick of being a Cubs fan it hurts. That doesn’t mean, however, that I’m switching allegiance to the Sox. I’d rather cut off my left hand.

Work Words
• Work has been increasingly busy. And I’ve been fighting a cold. It hasn’t hit me full-on yet, but nearly everyone else in the office has been violently ill within the last two weeks. Pray for me.

Chorus News
• The Chorus starts up again this week. Mark your calendars for December 10 & 11 at the Athenaeum Theatre for “Fa La La La La, Blah Blah Blah Blah.” I didn’t think of the title, but I think it’s clever. Also the Slickers are starting up again. Their show is December 3 & 4. I don’t know the locations just yet.

Computer delay
• I was wrong about my computer being delivered tomorrow. I won’t get it til next Friday. Grrr.

Autumn leaves
• The nights have been crisp and cool and I have all the windows open. I wish I had a nice, studly, sexy, warm man’s body to cuddle with. *sigh*

Brave puppies, Don’t sleep where you ride, and Other Doozies
• Did you read about this? And what about this gem? Thank God for stupid people and stupid laws. They make the news interesting. (You go, puppy!)

• It warms my heart to hear stories about President Bushman like this.

• Finally, I can’t believe we’re nearing three years since September 11, 2001. I’ll tell my story of what I was doing that day on Saturday. But in the meantime, please remember those whose lives were lost that day. It’s unfortunate that certain people are using that day for their own gain, but we all know that, regardless of who the president is, the people who hate are still going to hate. Which makes this remark by our own Vice President that much more disgusting. Please, people. Vote these monsters out of office.

5 thoughts on “Brain Fuzz

  1. I was cheering for the puppy too! Yet another entry for the Darwin Award…

    About cutting off your left hand..are you a rightie? ::giggle::

    Take your ICKanecea (that’s the way my kids say it!) Rick. So you don’t get the nasty colds. Work is one thing…but being able to sing…now THAT’S important!


  2. My roommate and I had the same feelings about Bush and Bin Laden a while ago. I think that he has already been captured, but the GOP is waiting for the right moment so Dubya can steal the election.

    Puppies: Woot! You go, puppy! Someone should call Alanis Morrisette and tell her “that’s” ironic.

  3. I believe that they’ve had Bin Laden for an obscene amount of time now. I would wager that his “capture” will be announced within a week or two of the Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD hitting the shelves on October 5th. Just a theory though.

    This weekend’s series with the Marlins will tell the tale of the Cubbies. We absolutely have to win 3 out of 4. Houston losing a few to Pittsburgh this weekend would be nice too, but that might be a little much to ask.

  4. You know, my ex-Manager lives and works in FL… *ahem* I feel guilty for not getting in touch with him regarding the Hurrican….

    the last time I heard about him, was a co-worker saying that the ex-manager had been busy stabling cardboards to the window and packing up stuff…


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