Ahhh, Labor Day

I love how a holiday that was formed so we can relax is named for something so stressful.

Ahh yes, Labor Day.

What a treat, that 3-day weekend. It’s the last gasp of summer. It’s the time for cookouts, camping, and sleeping in. I love this weekend.

But it’s a sign that the lazy hazy crazy days of summer (yeah, like we had any this summer anyway) are gone.

I don’t mind fall. I like sweaters and the crisp chill in the air. I like the colors of the leaves and the cool breezes and still-warm sun.

It’s winter that I can’t stand. Sloppy, snowy, wet and miserable.

It’s my theory that Chicago is an amazing city because of its summers. The winters suck, and they suck badly. But that makes us long for the summers that much more.

I just need a boyfriend to cuddle me through those long winter nights.

Again, applications accepted within.

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