Beautiful Music II

A few days ago, I had posted about the National Anthems played at the Olympics. In the comments, Pua and Billy had some questions about other music in commercials, and I had mentioned the incredibly gorgeous Haagen-Dazs commercials. I did some research today and here are some answers to some of those questions:

First, a great website that tracks music in commercials:

It is on that website that I found this info for Pua about the Volkswagen Touareg commercial music:

Commercial: Volkswagen Touareg “Picture”
Artist: Richard Buckner
Album: Since
Song: Ariel Ramirez

I also browsed to the Volkswagen website and found this, where I finally got to see the commercial in question.

And on this website, I was compelled to find out about that beautiful music for the Haagen-Dazs commercials. And I found that all I had to do was go to Haagen-Dazs’s website. They have links where you can download not only the commercials, but MP3 versions of the music. I also found this forum where someone had actually written Haagen-Dazs about the music and got a response explaining where it came from.

And now you know!

My weekend in Suck-n-Fuck

I didn’t want to come home.

I had a really wonderful weekend in Saugatuck . (a/k/a Suck-n-Fuck, as it seems that’s all that goes on around there anyway. And no, I didn’t do either. Dammit.)

I camped at the Campit gay campground. This year marked 10 years of visits to Campit. I can hardly believe I’ve been there that many times. I am getting old.

So instead of giving the usual rundown of events as they occurred, I will compile a list of my favorite things that happened during the weekend… It will make for a shorter post, and will provide you with easier reading. I am always thinking of you. (The 3 or so of you that read me regularly. Thank you. I love you.)

In no particular order:

1. My friends and their obsession with poo, labias and vaginas. Honestly, I love them all dearly, but everything was a joke that had a reference to one of these three bodily functions or female body parts. And I would honestly guess that none of them had the experience to speak about the female parts… they are just obscenely obsesssed. (Is that alliteration or some other english term? I’m still too tired to know or care. Anyway…) The greatest contributors to this obsession were The Vegitarian and The Makeout Boy. (I hope that they don’t mind me using these names instead of their real names… I just can’t think of anything else and besides, I don’t think they read this anyway. Yet.) To give a character description, The Vegitarian is a vegitarian because of his love for animals. In fact he is crazed about animals. (When he sees a dog or a cat, he exclaims “FUR!”)… but that’s fine with me because I love them too. I just still eat them. (not dogs and cats of course… ew.) The Makeout Boy is a dear friend of mine but he seems to have a penchant for making out with people a lot… which is fine. It’s all part of what we call Outercourse. It’s safe, it has no major repercussions, and dammit, it’s fun.

2. The wonderful people we met outside our group. During our first trip to the Douglas Dunes, we met two couples and one single man from LA. Aside from the boy from LA, they were all from Chicago. How fun! New people. Whee! One of the couples invited us to their cottage (which was the size of a large house in any other city) for dinner the next night, so we went and had an absolutely wonderful evening, roasting corn and grilling out.

3. The cute Polish boy I met. We had been making eye contact all night long the last night we were out at the Dunes, but he had this icky guy hanging all over him the whole time so I kept my distance. I think he wanted to be rescued. I finally did meet him through one of my camping buddies (I will call him The Laugh, because he has this distinctive laugh that enables you to find him in a crowd. Think the Aflac duck with a scratchy throat.) We talked for a long time and he gave me his phone number. I called and left a message the next day. I will keep you posted.

4. The pool at Douglas Dunes. Finally I got some color! I don’t look like a sickly translucent shut-in anymore. Thank goodness for my Italian blood, because I do tan easily, when I do let myself tan. We spent both days at the pool and the sun was bright and hot… ideal tanning weather (not to mention, ideal boy-watching weather.)

5. The weather. I can’t imagine a more perfect weekend for camping. It was absolutely gorgeous all weekend. No humidity, no bugs, no excessive heat. The only downer was the second night, which was ridiculously cold. But with a heavy sleeping bag and lots more blankets, it made it downright comfy in bed. Well.. a boy would have been nice, too.. but beggars can’t be choosers I guess.

6. The people in your neighborhood. Everyone is just so nice at the campground and in Michigan in general. It’s like a friendly wing of Chicago. And it’s so close to home too– only a couple hours drive. It’s worth the trip (and very cheap too.)

7. The stars. If you live in a big city, you tend to forget about the multitude of stars that truly are visible from our fair planet. The heavens were just aglow with celestial twinkling. I have a sore neck from looking up. Really. That IS the reason.

8. The fact that it wasn’t a holiday weekend. Most times I’ve gone to Saugatuck it was on a weekend relating to some holiday. (Labor Day, Memorial Day, July 4…) This time, it was just a random weekend, and I really had a much better time. Everything was less crowded, and it seemed more intimate.

9. I’m just putting this here so I can get my list to ten things.

10. The peaceful feeling I felt all weekend. I just needed a weekend where I could relax, have some peace and quiet, and enjoy myself. I got that. I came home refreshed and clear-minded. I can’t wait for next year’s trip.

Check back, I’ll add some pictures to this tonight.

Now if only that cute Polish boy would call me back…