More Strange Happenings in the Online World

(Reposted from Sunday night… it was hidden among too many other posts… and it’s just too weird.)

I had THE most bizarre chat with someone Sunday. I have no idea who this person even was. But it was just… WEIRD. Read on:

Strange Guy: hey

Unsuspecting Me: Hey

SG: whats up

Me: Not much

SG: koolio

SG: do you have a kitty?

Me: Yeah, two

SG: aww i have 1

Me: Cool

SG: do you have any other pets

Me: Nope

SG: kool i have 21 rats

Me: (Inside Voice) [What the FUCK!?!?] (Outside Voice) wow

SG: yeah i had a suprise litter….a huge litter lol

SG: they look like little puppy dogs

SG: the grandma rat has a crush on my cat and chases him around

And that is where the chat — with this bizarre, freaky, wacko guy that should be in a movie with the theme song sung by a young Michael Jackson– ended. Hello Twilight Zone. Yikes.