Take me out…

The Cubs game went off just fine. We had over 70 guys this time, and once again made an amazing impression on the fans and on the Cubs organization. Pics are coming soon, I’m just too lazy to get them all formatted and ready for posting.
The only thing that sucked about it was… well.. two things:

1. They announced us… and showed our name on the scoreboard… as the Chicago Gay Men’s CHOIR. (As opposed to CHORUS.)

2. We weren’t on TV or the radio. BUMMER.

Now mind you, the Choir/Chorus thing doesn’t COMPLETELY suck… because:
a. They at least announced as and showed our name as Chicago GAY MEN’S Choir. That is what’s important.
b. Nobody booed, nobody sneered. But EVERYBODY cheered!

It was a gorgeous day, and the Cubs won AGAIN. So I think we have to consider ourselves lucky… and good luck to the Cubs. Can’t wait til we do it again next year!