Random Ramblings

• I just love the Olympics. All those hot studly little short gymnastic men. All those swimmers in their short shorts and bikini bottoms. Why it’s enough to make a boy get … a little hot & bothered…

• I’m meeting with fellow bloggers Palochi, NoFo and Andymatic on Monday at Sidetrack for a few drinks ‘n Showtunes. I already know Palo and NoFo but I haven’t met Andy yet. It’s the first “official” gaybloggers.tribe.net Chicago meeting since I’ve been a member there. And the first since Andy moved to Chicago… should be a fun time!

• I’m getting ready to go camping next weekend. I still haven’t recovered financially from the Montreal trip… but I need another getaway.

• I had a wonderful phone conversation with my friend Ellizzette yesterday. She is always such a joy to talk to. If you’ve read my old journals, you will find her in there… she used to live in Chicago but now lives in NYC. Since she’s been gone we probably have become even closer friends… although I miss seeing her in person. Oh the memories I have of sitting up and watching TV (usually Frasier reruns) and eating pizza or hot cocoa. Good good memories. 🙂 I need to go see her. Very soon.

• I watched the movie “Some Like It Hot” yesterday. (I’ve discovered that I have this wonderful DVD player with surround sound and I hardly use it.) What a fun movie! It’s become one of my all-time favorites.

• It’s still only in the 50’s here at night. Now mind you, I love sleeping comfortably, but I fear that autumn has come early to Chicago. Where have our summers gone?

• I so do not want to go to work tomorrow… but oh well… bills must be paid. Sigh.