This post was originally a comment to a post by Hot Toddy. (click the link to read his post.) But it was too long for a comment, so I’m posting it here in its entirety…

Wow what’s with all of us getting reflective lately?

I know when I first moved to Chicago, I wanted to get away from the quiet, rural life of Kenosha (a/k/a Kenowhere) Wisconsin and plop myself right in the middle of a big city, with bright lights, big buildings and all kinds of crazy people everywhere I turned. I got what I wished for. I moved to an apartment in a not-so-great area that had an incredible view of the skyline. Every morning I woke up and looked at it and thought “Damn, I finally live here!”

After a while, the novelty wore off. I missed grass and trees. I missed sidewalks that weren’t caked in beer bottles and litter. I missed kids riding bikes and laughing and the feel of a neighborhood. The area I lived in didn’t have that. It was a concrete jungle, and I was in the heart of it.

I looked around and found a great neighborhood that had what I was looking for. Then I found a friend who needed a roommate. And I made my move.

Now I live alone in the same neighborhood, and for all intents and purposes, I still have what I was hoping for. It’s quiet, I feel safe, I look out my window and see birds and trees and people doing things… that remind me of home.

You never give up who you are. You may supress, and even reject a little of it. But it’s always a part of you. And wherever you go, and in whatever you do, and in the people you meet and make friends with, you find more parts of yourself. That’s one of the joys of life.

I like it when you get sentimental. It reminds me of someone I know quite well. šŸ™‚