Speedy Delivery




I went to bed VERY late the night after I got back from Montreal. I must have been wired still from the trip, even though I was completely broke (still am) and painfully exhausted. Nonetheless, I had blogging to do and guys to cruise. I had to catch up!

Very early the next morning, I was awakened by my doorbell. I remember wondering if I had forgotten about plans I had made with a hot boy and quickly started to grab the essentials– lube, rubbers, etc…

But first I had to answer the door. I was more than half-asleep still, but I made it. It was the Fed Ex guy delivering a package to me. (Insert crass remark here.)

I buzzed him in and he left it on my front doorstep. I must not have been fast enough. (Or I fell asleep again somewhere in between the buzzing in and opening the door.) Before I went back to bed I opened the package… it was from my friend in NYC who’s moving to Australia– an American Pride Flag. How cool!

She left me a nice note. I read it, still groggy and nodding off. So I went back to sleep.

I don’t know where I’m going to hang/fly this thing. I live in a half-courtyard apartment building with no flagpole. I already have an American Flag that I bought after 9/11 that is still folded properly and put away for the same reason. But it’s cool. I’ll definitely keep it and treasure it… and someday I’ll use it.