Pictures from GALA

As promised, here are some of my favorite pictures from the GALA festival in Montreal:


Me and my friend Sonelius, formerly of CGMC, at the CGMC bash.

A group of us at Arnie’s birthday dinner

The Slickers pose outside the performance venue before our Tech rehearsal.

Quebec City

The Hiiills are Aliiive… with the sound of Muuuuusic….

Château Frontenac, the most photographed (because it’s the most beautiful) building in Québec City.

How gorgeous is this city?


CGMC members pose after their triumphant performance that opened the Festival.

Unison performs “My Soul’s Been Anchored In The Lord”

New York performs “You Can’t Stop The Beat” from “Hairspray” (The best of 8 different renditions at the Festival.)

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