Da Senator

Ditka for Senator.

Can you believe it? Did we learn nothing from the Schwarzenneger nightmare? Oh wait, that’s right, these are Republicans we are talking about. I forgot.

So let’s see, we have a complete moron as President, who stole the damn office in the first place (thanks to the Supreme Court and the legendary “hanging chad”), who can barely form a complete sentence without rehearsing it first, who was the Governor of one of the largest states in the union (geographical-wise) probably because of his name alone (of course that name wouldn’t have influenced my decision, but I digress), and who has run our country into the ground financially, diplomatically, and politically.

We also have a completely unqualified actor born in another country who knows nothing more about running a government than the fact that he made millions upon millions of dollars uttering such simple lines as “I’ll Be Back” and “It’s NOT A TUMOR” in movies as the governor of the largest state in the union (population-wise), elected to office in the greatest circus of an “election” known to man (after the Bush heist).

So, then, in theory, why shouldn’t Illinois elect a completely unqualified candidate for Senator, whose claim to fame was one (count ’em) one Super Bowl trophy for Chicago’s Bears (Sorry, I’m a Packer fan, so I just don’t like the guy anyway), whose speech patterns make Richard Daley look like a Fulbright Scholar, and whose knowledge of politics and making sound decisions lie in his decisions whether or not to play certain linebackers and whether to go for the 1st down or try for a field goal. (Scare ya that I know something about Football?)

Yes, folks, the Republican Party is proving once again that they are truly trying to ruin our country. Why put qualified people into office when we can push buffoons and rejects to the front of the line to represent us all?

These are scary times, folks. Please register to vote, please pay attention to what is going on, and please, I urge you, do what you can to make sure that Bush gets hedged this election year.