Da Senator

Ditka for Senator.

Can you believe it? Did we learn nothing from the Schwarzenneger nightmare? Oh wait, that’s right, these are Republicans we are talking about. I forgot.

So let’s see, we have a complete moron as President, who stole the damn office in the first place (thanks to the Supreme Court and the legendary “hanging chad”), who can barely form a complete sentence without rehearsing it first, who was the Governor of one of the largest states in the union (geographical-wise) probably because of his name alone (of course that name wouldn’t have influenced my decision, but I digress), and who has run our country into the ground financially, diplomatically, and politically.

We also have a completely unqualified actor born in another country who knows nothing more about running a government than the fact that he made millions upon millions of dollars uttering such simple lines as “I’ll Be Back” and “It’s NOT A TUMOR” in movies as the governor of the largest state in the union (population-wise), elected to office in the greatest circus of an “election” known to man (after the Bush heist).

So, then, in theory, why shouldn’t Illinois elect a completely unqualified candidate for Senator, whose claim to fame was one (count ’em) one Super Bowl trophy for Chicago’s Bears (Sorry, I’m a Packer fan, so I just don’t like the guy anyway), whose speech patterns make Richard Daley look like a Fulbright Scholar, and whose knowledge of politics and making sound decisions lie in his decisions whether or not to play certain linebackers and whether to go for the 1st down or try for a field goal. (Scare ya that I know something about Football?)

Yes, folks, the Republican Party is proving once again that they are truly trying to ruin our country. Why put qualified people into office when we can push buffoons and rejects to the front of the line to represent us all?

These are scary times, folks. Please register to vote, please pay attention to what is going on, and please, I urge you, do what you can to make sure that Bush gets hedged this election year.

STORY TIME: My First Boyfriend – Part 2

(This story was written in 1995 for my first website.)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I drove over to the Citgo station. I could see him in the window. I was quite pleased. =) I gassed up, drove the car up to the building to park, and got out. When I walked in, he immediately recognized me. “HEY!” he said happily. “I was hoping you’d stop in!” My heart leapt with glee. “I love the box.. I’ll keep it… but I wanted to know what you knew about car stereos..”

He proceeded to ask me a bunch of questions about car stereo equipment… we talked about that for a while… then talked about where he was from… then talked about families.. then talked about music.. .then about TV.. then about God knows what else… I got in there at maybe 10pm.. next thing I knew it was 1am and it was time to close the store!

He closed up, didn’t kick me out…. we talked some more about whatever… finally he asked me “So where
do you go out?”

“Well, here and there.. nowhere in particular…” I answered.

“Ever been to a place called ‘Club 94’?” He asked. (Club 94 is a gay bar in Kenosha)

“Well.. yeah… once or twice.. it’s fun.. .I guess I like it.” I answered, getting VERY excited.

He asked me if he could sit in my car while his warmed up (this was about the dead of winter of ’92, a VERY cold winter. He had a Renault. Need I say more?). I of course obliged. He locked up, we got in my car while his ran to warm up and he says,
“OK I’m not gonna bullshit you anymore. I’m gay.”

“Well that’s good,” I said with a smile, “because I’m gay, too.”

We talked a bit more.. exchanged phone numbers.. and that was it for that night. We both had to get home.

His name was Donnie. I was on CLOUD NINE for at least 48 hours after that.

I visited him nearly every day after that. We’d talk all night long, sit in my car and wait for his to warm up, then go home. We never would kiss, we never got mushy.. it was just this strange new friendship thing we had. I felt silly standing around a gas station convenience store for all hours.. and my dad wasn’t pleased with it either.. especially because I was there to see a guy! (My parents knew about me for a while before this)

Anyway about three weeks into my visits with Donnie a friend of his came in and hung out. I could see that they knew each other pretty well… so at one point I asked him about Donnie.

“How well do you know Donnie?” I asked.

“Why, do you like him?” (he was rather blunt)

“Yes.. why?”

“Well let me just tell you. You’re not his type. I wouldn’t try too hard”

I was crushed. As far as I knew, he knew Donnie better than anyone else, so I had to trust his word. Still, I thought that if Donnie didn’t like me that much he wouldn’t have been talking to me so much and letting me stay so late… I mean, there had to be SOMETHING there. However, I was very new to the whole gay thing and as far as I was concerned, his friend was right, so I made my visits to the gas station less frequent.

But eventually that changed and I would stop in again just as frequent as before.

One night we went to a bar behind the gas station for a quick drink after he got out of work. We had known each other for about three months at that point. I still didn’t know what he thought about me, but I knew how I felt about him. I was falling head over heels in love with Donnie, and it was driving me nuts.

After the bar closed, we sat in my car and talked. “This is it,” I told myself. “It’s now or never”.

“Donnie, we’ve been seeing each other now for about three or four months… and I’ve really grown to like you …. a lot. I just want to know… what do you feel?”

“I feel the same way Rick.”



I then asked him if I could kiss him. He said yes. It was the first time I had ever kissed anyone. And it was wonderful.

Part 3 to come… stay tuned!