Montreal Here I Come

So I’m getting ready for my trip to Montreal!

I leave this Friday for 10 days in sunny (?) Montreal as part of the GALA Choruses VII International Festival in Montreal, Canada. This is my second GALA, but I’ve never been to Montreal before, so I’m really excited.

I’m going with CGMC and the Slickers… but I’ll have plenty of time to see other choruses (and plenty of the sights as well!)

Yesterday I got some shopping done, printed out all my itineraries (Gotta love Orbitz for the online tix), a map of the downtown area, and got all my paperwork together. All I have to do now is laundry and pack.

Last night I went online to and visited the Montreal room, where I chatted with this super cute boy from Ireland and another from Columbus, OH who saw our chorus when we went to a regional festival in Cincinnati. I think the super cute one from Ireland wants to meet… I hope so! He’s a hottie!

Anyone Out There?

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