We'll have an old fashioned wedding

The wedding was just lovely. Like I said, I’d never participated in a gay wedding before. It was quite a sight.

It was also very multicultural. The grooms, David and David (yes, how cute.) wore kimono-type outfits, the attendants (Is it a Bridal Party if there is no Bride?) wore tuxes, the ceremony was Irish, Indian and Jewish in influence (replete with the glass breaking and “Mazeltov” at the end), the food was Italian, Vegan and Seafood, and the fashions ranged from the sublime to the casual. Joan Rivers would have had a field day.

The Slickers sang two of their songs, “Come What May,” which I had a solo in, and “Alone in the Universe/Nature Boy.” I also had a solo… the processional song, which was “Someone Like You” from Jekyll & Hyde. Unison also sang a set of songs. So the music was Broadway and Movie influenced.

It was a fun time for all, really, and emotions ran high. David E, who I am in the Slickers with, read his vows, which borrowed heavily from the lyrics of “Someone Like You.” I was touched by the meaning of the song, which I really hadn’t latched onto when I actually sang it.

I’m still living the first verse of the song, up until “Someone Like You” comes along. Had this moment occurred years ago (around the time of my Old Journal posts) I probably would have become all melancholy and full of regret, wondering if I’ll ever find “the one”…

Ok maybe I had a moment or two of that…

But then it passed, and it was time to party!