Another Openin' Another Show…

The CGMC show opened last night, and despite a very modest crowd, I think it went very well.

This was the first show that I had people from work come to see– and this wasn’t just a random co-worker or someone from another department, either. One of my direct managers came and so did THE boss, the Chief Marketing Officer (as her title reads) and her daughter and husband. So yeah, it better NOT have sucked. They loved it, though– raves all around. I was beaming.

I’m disappointed by the ticket sales, though. We sold out nearly all of our Holiday shows for this season, which was because of a combination of a huge push in marketing, a surge in season subscription tickets and the Chorus talking up the show. We do three shows a season… the Holiday one, one in the spring (usually in April) and one during Pride.

We switched the dates for our Pride show this year, however, and I think that hurt sales. Our reasons were valid– there are a MILLION things to do during Pride weekend, and our show was always one of them. But I think that’s what drives sales in the first place. One of the things people do during Pride weekend is see the Chorus. And when we weren’t there to fill that need, they found something else. Now it’s TWO weekends later, and we’re still singing about Pride. Call me crazy but I’m Prided out. I’m sure others felt the same, hence the dropoff in sales. Rumor has it we will go back to “normal” next year. I hope so!!

It really is a fun show, with some gorgeous singing.

Here are those German boys. Aye Aye! Posted by Hello

The German set is adorable. They aren’t always together and you can’t always understand their English so well, but you have to admire their gusto and their love for staging. And the pirate costumes are pretty cute too… and flexible. One song struck me as hilarious– they are wearing these little bandanas on their heads throughout most of the set, tied in the back. At one point they sing a song about swabbing the deck, and they stop, turn the bandanas around to mimic “Aunt Jemima” or something along those lines, and it is simply hilarious. There’s much more but it’s just worth saying GO SEE IT and find out.

Windy City sounds fabulous of course, and their love for musical perfection is evident in their set. I also sing with the Windy City organization, however not this particular chorus, so I performed with them a couple weeks ago for their concert.

The boys from Windy City Posted by Hello

Their musical director is taking them in a good direction, I think. Highlights are a sampling from Rutter’s “Requiem” and a nautical set that is highlighted with “What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor”. I can’t help but think that if CGMC did that song, we would change it to “What Do You Do With A Drunken Drag Queen”… the lyrical possibilities are endless.

Since we have the German boys to be campy and funny and silly, CGMC keeps it a little serious this time around, and frankly I’m glad.

Patrick Sinozich, CGMC’s Artistic Director Posted by Hello

Patrick Sinozich, our director, has assembled one of the most ambitious and challenging sets for our chorus in a long time, and we are really doing a wonderful job with it. Highlights are: Daemon Irrepitus Callidus, a truly demonic piece (whee!), Arise My Beloved, a lovely verse from Song of Songs that Patrick wrote a lush and gorgeous piece of music to accompany, Jimmy Jimmy, which is an upbeat ditty based on an old folk tune and tells a story that ends in a gay wedding (how topical!), and my personal favorite, This Moment As I Sit Alone, the marriage of the third movement of Rachmaninoff’s Concerto for Piano and Cello (Andante) Op. 19 and a gorgeous poem by Walt Whitman that expresses his love for men and the question that if one can love a man in his own land, he could also love a man in other lands… it is moving, gorgeously arranged (again a Sinozich creation) and lovingly sung.

So again, if you haven’t got your tickets yet, you have two more chances. Performances today are at 5:00PM and 8:30PM at the Athenaeum Theatre and are on sale through Ticketmaster and at the Box Office. Click here for a visit to CGMC’s website and click on the concert’s logo for ticket ordering info.

So I get to rest until our call, which is at 4:45. I think some guys are at the beach today, but the temperature is only 67 degrees at 10AM. Hm. Not prime beach weather, but I could use some fresh air. We had an opening night party at one of our members’ homes last night and I was up far too late and drank one too many. Ouch. Why do I not remember to pop two Tylenol before bed? Silly me. So I am recovering and hoping this headache goes away soon. Fresh air could help, no? Yes. So I may have to join them. Whee!

Please leave a comment if you’re out there reading this! I have no idea if you are otherwise, and I’d hate to think I’m the only one that gets to enjoy my ramblings. 🙂