Old Journal Now Online!

Last night I posted my old Journal to my Geocities web account for your viewing pleasure. You can find the links at the sidebar to the left.

I was nice enough to make them look pretty too… I had some god-awful background image on them before and they were UUUUGLY! But hey, that’s how web pages looked back in 1997. 😉

Reading those old posts, which were written starting around the time I got the job that moved me to Chicago, I’m reminded how “Mary Richards-ish” (from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”) I was back then. So idealistic, so hopeful, so giddy… I was moving to the big city, just getting my start in “adult” life. Who knew what would lie ahead? I could only wait and see.

Seven years later, a lot has changed. And a lot more will change in the future.